Doper memes that I wish would just go away

OK, these may have been mildly amusing when first encountered, but they have long since lost any hint of cleverness with me. They can no longer be considered witty, and are far, far from being thought of as anything approaching original. My only reaction now when running across one is a mild eye roll:

Zombie jokes in zombie threads.

“Get off of my lawn!”

Talk of sky fairies or of monsters in your garage.

One. Word. Sentences.
That’s all I have, for now. Feel free to disagree.

Don’t stick your dick in the crazy while you are waiting.

Hi Opal.

I do quite a bit of lurking and I can honestly say that I haven’t really noticed any of these.

I guess I’ve noticed one word sentences (complete with punctuation), but I didn’t think that was unique to here (or even a meme).

An SDMB staple is the tried-and-true method of posting puns in a MPSIMS thread about some type of funny news article. I chuckle at the jokes, but then they continue for the first 20 posts and not much content is ever added.

I did.

Just once.

In 1960.

For twenty minutes.

I disagree. Only the first one of these is a Straight Dope meme, the others are also common on other message boards.

All right, I’ll give you that.

I’m also reconsidering the zombie one, since it does serve a purpose; I have been alerted that I was reading a zombie thread more than once by the insertion of the zombie joke. (my real preference, though, is to put the kibosh on the zombies)

And I think I should have made it a dragon in the garage, rather than a monster. :slight_smile:

In any event, I find these to be very tiresome. Maybe it’s just the threads I hang out in that cause me to run across them so frequently.

I actually miss the months of “1920s style death ray” attacks.

The only thing I want to go away are one or two posters. But I’m sure there are a few who want me to go away so, like the memes, it’s all part of the board’s character.

That was only the one post by Legion many years ago.

I think it was Rio, by Duran Duran.

For me it’s the puns. Hate 'em. But I know better than to bitch because then I’ll get tons more, so I quietly ride them out.

I hate it when people make an OP to complain of something, and then someone makes a post doing the same thing the OP was complaining about, as a joke. That is the lamest form of humor out there, even lower than making puns. Puns have the potential to be clever.

One pun can be clever. Further puns have to be even more clever or they’re just basically riding on the coattails of the first idea. And when it turns into a long series of increasingly contrived puns, the thread is dead.


There was a thread where the second post was a pun. There then followed a string of ten posts, each containing another pun.

The first made me laugh, but no pun in ten did.


One pun can be clever. Then again…

I hate the welcoming of new members with promises of squid and stuff. Not funny. And “bring pie”? So played.

I see my pun thing caught on! :stuck_out_tongue:

But I’m in agreement, really. 1-2 is okay, but it sucks when the entire thread ends up being puns and the OP is never really addressed.

I think you know Gyrate personally. and he set you up for that pun. Sigh.

Hey, you know what? I think people who start these kinds of threads really love those internet memes and puns and stuff. Because they surely know that a thread like this will breed those kinds of responses.

And, ‘Hi, Opal’ isn’t supposed to be funny. It’s just one of those little inside things that some communities develop. It’s not a side splitting thing.

Zombies and puns.

Zombies in general annoy me. I just don’t get the popularity of “zombie” everywhere I look today, even outside the SDMB. Sure it’s an interesting story concept, but why do they seem to be vastly overrepresented?

Why do I see the word “zombie” every single day, while a perfectly decent word such as “ocarina” appears in print once every five years?

And the profusion of lame zombie jokes in stale threads means that this topic is probably one of the most unsearchable on the SDMB because of the tens of thousands of useless hits one would have to wade through.

Puns… As soon as I see that an interesting thread has descended into puns, I stop reading. If I’m subscribed to the thread, I usually unsubscribe. I have no interest whatsoever in reading multiple posters’ clever retorts in pun form.

As has been pointed out, most of these aren’t exclusive to this board, so I’ll just tack on another widespread one. Any time someone puts some odd words together, someone else will inevitably come along and scream “Band Name”
It’s not really all that funny and I just sort of roll my eyes when I see it.

Is pitting Dio a meme?