Doper picture thread - Halloween edition

Na, only about an hour. I have a pretty huge arsenal of makeup- it’s kind of my hobby, love to play with it- so I just dug through my stuff and used it in different ways.

In honor of the new series, I give you V

Can’t see it. It’s probably set so that anyone who is not your FaceBook friend can’t see it.

Fun costume!!! Great job

Here I am as a zombie.

Needs more glitter.

Split-panel with inspiration: Harry Crane from Mad Men.

Yikes! Nice zombie.

The scary part is my brother-in-law dresses like that all the time.

These two are me from a few years ago. This is what I really look like (on the left, of course).

Looks cool, but makes me glad I didn’t wear makeup with my costume.

Witch! A bit of a stretch considering my kind and gentle nature. There was lots of method acting involved. And gin.

Holy hell Shot From Guns!

You’re beautiful!

Bah! Once again I curse my lack of a digital camera!

Once the transit strike is over, I’ll have to get a friend over to take some shots.


Me. The hardest part was remembering how to tie a necktie.

You don’t look mean or old, but certainly a lady!

I’m not sure how to take this.

I’m a witch fer cryin’ out loud! How much meaner does it get?

Not since Samantha have I thought so highly of a witch Meanoldlady!

Much to my surprise the (hilariously bad) magic show I attended had a costume contest, and this won second place.

Unfortunately I didn’t get a pic that included the skirt, and you can only kinda see the gloves, but you get the idea. (I think the pirate was my best accessory, though. :wink: )

It seemed like zombies were really big this year. We had two pair of dead newlyweds, one dead bride without a dead groom, and a zombie pirate (who took first place).

Take it well. That was my reaction too!

I typically say wow when something fairly screwed up happens. Well, thanks then.

I demand full length photos. Build a time machine and take more if you must!