Doper picture thread - Halloween edition

Citizens demand fewer links to Facebook and other places I can’t get to from work, dammit. :frowning:

I’m disappointed you didn’t go with the sexy bumble bee. :smiley: This one worked out well, though.

You don’t mean that. You’ve just been taken in by the giant '70s hair.

Giant '70s hair is key.

Take it as an earnest compliment from a fella that is slavishly devoted to his wife.

Part of the “wow,” I guess, is how contrary to expectation the pic was. ’ Hmmm… “MeanOldLady” dressed as a witch…" :eek:

Here is the costume I made. Technically I made the model too. Well my husband helped (a bit).

I was going to see the Electric Amish on Halloween so I spent most of the week getting the Amish Zombie look just right.

This isn’t just right but its the closest posted to the web so far.

I’m on the right.

I realize it’s not a perfect costume, but repeat to yourself, “it’s just a costume, I should really just relax.”

I went as a derby girl. I’ve decided I should spend every day in skates.
The hardest part was coming up with my derby name and ironing it on the back of my shirt.

As if I needed to point it out, I’m on the right.

Nope, he’s correct, it’s a really good pic. I left it at the yellow socks comment because I didn’t want to stray into the creepy zone with someone I don’t really know.

(oops, looks like I strayed. sorry)

Love it!

I love it too! It’s better if she went around knocking people over. Probably not better for the people around her, but better for me to giggle about.

I took it to mean “Whoa. Hawt.” as that was pretty much my reaction. :slight_smile:

Okay, well I cannot accommodate the time travel part, not being a quantum physicist, but this will give you a more-or-less adequate idea of what I was wearing. Different day, different makeup, different accessories… you’ll have to imagine it with over-the-elbow black opera gloves, and without the lacy drape around my hips, and different boots, but that’s the skirt. The lighting is a little odd, too, as it makes the green lace look bluer than it is in real life. It’s more of a forest green.

People around here know how to make stuff. I don’t know how to make stuff. :frowning: Well, I do make a pretty good manhattan.

I love it! Halloween is the tits because grown people get to play dress up and stay out late and eat candy.

Thanks. :cool: I agree… I don’t have very many opportunities to break out the corset, which is a shame. I love wearing it.

My wife and I ‘dressed’ up as ice skaters. (yeah, ok, not really…)

Here I am, in two crappy cell phone shots.

Just try and guess what I was (and no cheating by looking at the other Halloween costume thread.)

Let me take a guess. You were dressed up as a boy who’s really cute? :slight_smile:

I dug a costume out of my closet that I made 9 years ago…

Mimi Bobeck.

I won the costume contest at work. :smiley:

I love halloween!

Hmmm is it a Mystery? Mystery Men that is.

I also guessed The Shoveler right away. But Mystery Men is one of my favorite movies and comics.

I absolutely mean it.

And I’ll be creepy…the yellow socks totally at to the hotness of it.