Doper poll: Of what organizations are you a member?

Dopers are a smart, lively, civic-minded bunch, all in all - I’m guessing we’re members of lots of interesting organizations. For me, they kinda fall into two categories:

Most active: my local Episcopal church (vestry, lector, usher); American Constitution Society (candidate for VP); local Civil War roundtable (former officer; organize some events; write occasional articles for newsletter); college mock trial team (alumni advisor)

Pay dues/make regular contributions, but don’t go to meetings much (if ever): Sons of the American Revolution; Civil War Preservation Trust; Friends and Descendants of Johnson’s Island (a Confederate POW camp); State Bar Assn.; State Historical Society; Friends of Mount Vernon; JFK Library Foundation; Cleveland Foodbank; Cheetah Conservation Fund; Blue and Gray Education Society; Brady Leadership Council (formerly Handgun Control Inc.); NARAL; state Coalition against Gun Violence; The Planetary Society; American Red Cross, NE Ohio; EMILY’s List; Honorable Order of Kentucky Colonels; U.S. Capitol Historical Society; United Negro College Fund; Western Pa. Conservancy; state Assn. of Magistrates; high school, college and law school alumni assocs.; county and state Democratic Party

And you…?

The Linguistic Society of America, the Semiotic Society of America, the International Society for Humor Studies… and that’s about all. My grandmother’s Lutheran church keeps insisting that I’m a member, but I’m not buying it.

Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association (AOPA)

The Cousteau Society

um, none. Seriously.

When my daughter was young, I belonged to PTA. We were also members of a yacht club once (fancy name for a group of folks who liked boating and eating.)

But now, none.

We’re not really “joiners,” but off the top of my head: Sons of the American Revolution, the NRA, the ACLU, the PTA, Amnesty International, local Libertarian Party, Friends of Smiley Library, National Forensic League, California High School Speech Association, AAA, and a few other professional organizations.

I am not a joiner either. My Episcopal church is the only one. Oh, and the Arbor Day society.

A few, but the two most important are probably AA and AAA (in that order).

silenus, I’m eligible for the SAR, but could never get the paperwork together.

Me too on both of those. Maybe I am a joiner and never noticed. Both have been a tremendous help.

BPOE , AF&AM , AASR , OBOD , NRA , BSA , NBRSA, I think my membership in The Philalethes Society expired, but there’s probably a couple of others I forget about until dues time comes up.

My mom is real active in the DAR, so it wasn’t much of a problem for me. :smiley: I wonder how many there are of us on the Dope?

I belong to nothing at all.

I helped found a charity once, helped run another for a while, and went to a few Amnesty meetings, but recently, nada.

I lie: just remembered that I’m a life member of the Quite Interesting drink-and-trivia club.

I didn’t consider AAA an organization as much as a business through which I get cheap insurance. But I have that.

I’m with the AAA as well, but I think of them primarily as a source of emergency roadside assistance.

I also belong to my local church and the Triple Nine Society.

American Library Association

Florida Bar

Unitarian Universalist Association

Church of the SubGenius


Labor Party

Socialist Party USA

Democratic Socialists of America

I’m sympathetic to the Greens but have a problem with the “decentralization” plank of the Ten Key Values.

Must get around to joining the National Lawyers Guild one of these days . . .

The Association of Moving Image Archivists.

I am a lifetime member and very active with Monmouth County Friends of Clearwater. I am a member of Clearwater, the Sierra Club, Greenpeace & WWF.

Why does AAA count as an organization? I consider that a service. :confused: Are we talking about American Automobile Association?

My son just joined the cub scouts, I am not too happy on this one.


My fault. I found it amusing to list both AA and AAA in sequence.

No, wait! Silenus started it with the AAA thing. So it wasn’t all my fault.

Three local historical societies, including one I preside over; local Lions Club; local business association. I’ve kept my level of volunteering down to a minimum of late, due to time constraints.