Doper Rating System

Based on various Pit threads, but this one in particular and the fact that I take people at “face” value (whatever that means here) and believe that they are being truthful, as I try to be.

Given the nature, and intention, of this board, and my constant confusion and forgetfulness of doper names, I think it would be great to provide ratings. Perhaps in a few catagories, such as “Humour”, “Honesty”, “Anger Management Capability”, “Talking out of ass/using facts ratio”

I know there are numerous problems with this idea, hamster abuse, pile-on-style hate-based inaccurate ratings, etc.

But in a perfect board world, it would be great when confronted with certain posts to be able to look at the user’s ratings and be able to determine how many grains of salt I should be taking the post with.

This is a joke, right?

When I read this again tomorrow, I may wish it was :slight_smile:

I know it is full of flaws, but it would be a useful tool for people (maybe I am the only one) like me who tend to think people actually speak the truth and have too poor of a memory to remember those that didn’t/don’t.

We have a rating system. Just check that little section below your username titled “Posts:xxxx”.


This is a great idea. I’m also hoping that the supermarket will start labeling foods with simple rating categories (e.g. healthy, yucky, tastes like ham, etc.) Maybe CNN can adopt a similar strategy to help me keep track of my opinions on the news (e.g. cost to me, affect on my life, should I buy it, etc.).

Remembering what I think about things is hard.

But, Ford, there is a Doper rating system.

It’s only a two-category rating system, but it’s: Spiff or non-Spiff.

I, for example, have attained the rating of: Spiff

Everyone else is unspiffy.

A few boards I use have a ‘post rating’ under them. Then the ratings are averaged & the score is posted under the person’s name. One girl got a -30 rating & soon after that, that board dropped the ratings game.

Obviously people with > 10,000 posts are full of …it.
Otherwise how could they have achieved that many posts.
They must be just cranking out drive-by’s.


All right!!!

Unless I’m mistaken I now have carte blanche to look down my nose and make fun of Mullinator!



Wouldn’t it be easier to pose a question, “Who can’t I trust around here”?

You’ll be assured of getting 100% unbiased rational responses.

Well, don’t trust that SPOOFE guy, for one. He’s a little crazy.


Yeah, and Mt. Everest is a little tall.

Hitler had a little dislike for Jewish people.

And Cecil is a little bit smart.

And Handy has a couple of posts.