Doper tropers

Does anyone post at tvtropes? I don’t, BUT I do waste an inordinate amount of time there.

I am frequently tempted. Especially when I see something that’s WRONG dammit!

But once I started, I expect I’d never do anything else . . .

Same reason I’ve avoided MMORPGs . . .

Meh, it’s pretty easy if you stay in the forums a lot. Once you realize they have more rules than Wikipedia, the impetus to do minor fixes will leave. Whether, like me, you go on to do major changes, is up to you.

TVtropes is actually where my Doper name came from. I had another username, but embarrassed myself greatly under it, so I changed it to a name my cousin calls me. I signed up as BigT here to help me get used to that name. (That’s why it’s a wikiword.) I never expected to spend more time here than there.

I’ve posted a few things. Nothing too major. Usually just offering examples of existing tropes.

Active TroperDopers, I’ve got a suggestion

I do.

I’ve made a few small corrections here and there. Sometimes those Walls Of Coded Text make my eyes cross.

I’m very proud to say that some of my fanfic has been cited in a couple of different entries.

I do spend time at TVTropes. My name is EmilyG there too.

What’s a wikiword?

I must be doing something wrong. I’ve been to TVTropes a few times but I’ve never found it to be the huge time suck that is practically a meme. The times I’ve been there I’ve started off reading about one trope or another and then maybe clicked through a couple more tropes before I got bored. Some of those tropes seem like a bit of a stretch. Is there some fantastical super secret squirrel section that I haven’t found?

Yeah, the last couple of times I wound up there, it was completely “meh”. The buzzword trope names don’t buzz for me anymore. The old ones no longer have that fresh/surprise feeling. The new ones fall flat.

I posted one example, I think it’s still there. And I alone escaped to tell the tale.

I’ve been posting there on and off for a while, under the same handle as here (Giles), mainly adding examples.

I posted in the past but rarely recently. I put up quite a bit of Tolkien stuff at one point but it has been edited over and I doubt much of it stands. I also put up several Hogan’s Heroes and Barney Miller entries as when I was posting I was watching these 2 old gems quite a bit. Taxi, Get Smart and WKRP are among some of my other entries.

I created Gung Holier than Thou as a newbie there and didn’t yet know to go through YKTTW first. All my other suggestsions have been dismissed so now I just add examples to existing pages or create the occasional list of examples.