Doper Vegetarians: What would you do?

OK, my roommate and a friend came over for dinner and bought KFC. They barely ate any of it and were going to toss it. What a waste! Fortunately, I have 4 cats and a dog who were more than happy to dispose of it (yes, I picked it all off the bones first for them). But let’s say I didn’t have the pets. Here’s the question: if you had a bunch of chicken or whatever kind of meat, what would you do with it: eat it so it didn’t go to waste? throw it away uneaten? would you be able to touch it to give it to your pets, if you did have them? I’m just wondering how other vegetarians would handle the situation.

I wouldn’t eat it, but I wouldn’t mind touching it to give it to the pets (or the neighbors, or the homeless, or the mailman…whoever I thought might like it).

I’d give it to my dogs. Barring that, I’d offer it to friends or a homeless person.

I never really got the rationale behind forcing yourself to eat food just so it isn’t thrown out. Trying not to take more than you need, I understand, but if you have taken more, I don’t see what use there is in stuffing yourself with it.

It goes without saying, then, that no, my convictions against eating meat would far outweigh those of not “wasting” food.

Would I give it to an animal? Assuming it’s already cooked, sure. But I wouldn’t prepare it if, say, someone were to drop a big dead chicken on my doorstep. I’d take it out into the woods and leave it for the wild animals in its raw form.

I would gladly feed it to my cat. I have no problem handling dead animal flesh, I just don’t eat it.

I cannot eat meat, as I can no longer digest it - I throw up even if someone “sneaks” meat-based products into my food without me knowing about it. (It’s happened a number of times. Long story.)

I do have carnivorous pets - ferrets - but they’re not terribly fond of pure meat. They eat a kibble that’s similar to cat food and typically prefer that over meat. My husband eats meat and I cook food for him without a thought. He’s not a big fan of fried chicken and he’s been trying to lose weight, but I might strip the meat off the bones and reheat it in some other dish for him.

I don’t have any problems with handling meat, so that wouldn’t be a problem. I’ve even helped hand-make sausage on a number of occasions.

Yeah, this food was not in a state to be given to another person (half-eaten KFC), and I felt really disgusted by the idea of just throwing the food away. What a waste! Ultimately, the cats and the dog were thrilled by the unexpected treat, since they obviously never get meat in my house. I had to steel myself to touch the stuff, and it was kind of freaky, but not too bad.

One of my cats, the one I’ve had since he was 8 weeks old, wouldn’t touch the stuff. He’s never had chicken and didn’t really recognize it as something he’d want to eat. I thought that was kinda funny.

I might give a small piece to my dog.

The bulk would get thrown out however - KFC is a pretty loose definition of food, if you ask me.

If I had pets, sure, I’d give them a few nibbles. Since I don’t, I’d just toss it.

Doesn’t the idea of wasting that animal’s body bother you? Throwing away half of a good piece of chicken makes me feel terrible. It’s bad enough that animal lived in terrible conditions, most likely, and died in a bad way, but then for it to go to a landfill seems a crime to me. Maybe I’m looking at this the wrong way…

Not even remotely. I didn’t buy it, I didn’t kill it, I’m sure as hell not going to eat it, or let my dog eat it and puke from the grease. I’m not the one wasting food, and neither are you - your roommate is - if you want to, feel bad about having an idiot roommate. However, taking on her guilt just makes you a chump, not a champion of animal rights.

Chuck it. Even on a landfill, it won’t go uneaten - the rats, birds and so on will eat it.

I’m in agreement with the crowd, here. I’d give some to my pet if it wasn’t something that was going to make him sick, but I wouldn’t eat it myself. It’s not waste to go to a landfill or an incinerator, any more than it’s a waste to put a human body in a grave or crematorium.

She didn’t puke. Neither did the cats.

Oh yeah, I want to feel bad. You have such keen insight into my deepest unconscious thoughts. :rolleyes: And my roommate isn’t an idiot, he’s just an omnivore with a very small appetite. I’m also not taking on anyone’s guilt nor trying to be a champion of animal rights. I am just trying to figure out what to do with perfectly good food that I won’t eat and have moral qualms about throwing away. I really don’t understand the hostile tone, alice.

Your cats don’t get meat? Do you mean no fresh meat, or are the cats vegetarian too?

If you are, I am, too. Then again, I have issues with wasting food of any type.

I’m glad the fuzzy ones enjoyed their treat! :smiley:

I agree with most people here: I would first give it to any carnivorous pets and then throw it into the woods. If there are no woods nearby I would just throw it out. I used to feel bad throwing out food until I worked at a food place-- they throw out so much food it seems ridiculous. Besides, flesh that is already killed is something that already has happened and there is nothing you can do about it. I’ve saved my fair share of animals being vegetarian for 4 years now. :slight_smile:

I’m with ya, Ruby, it would be a shame to waste any food, and moreso, to my mind, if it’s a creature whose purpose was to be food. I’m a vegetarian, too, but would, as you did, feed the chicken to pets, sans the greasy parts.

At Thanksgiving time, my family is used to me taking the turkey carcass home to put out in the woods for critters. "Oh,yuk, let’s just throw it out!"has turned into letting that last bit of feast go to some winter-starved critters have a go at it. I always picture some wandering possum halleluhyaing at that jackpot in the cold times.

IANAVeg, but I thought I’d throw out the concept of freeganism. Basically, it refers to people who are mostly vegetarian or vegan but will eat meat products that are going to be thrown out, or who dumpster dive for food without worrying about its meat content.

Why couldn’t he just wrap up the chicken for later? There’s nothing better than cold fried chicken the day after (well, if you’re not veg).

If Rubystreak’s cats are anything like mine, they probably get mostly kibble, not meat.

For what it’s worth, I’m not a vegetarian now; however, I went through a period of a couple of years where I was, mostly because I didn’t like handling raw meat. I don’t love handling it now, but I do eat it sometimes, though that’s a whole other story. Anyway, then and now I probably wouldn’t have given the chicken to my cats. It’s pretty greasy, even with the skin picked off, and that’s a lot of chicken for felines that usually only eat kibble. If they were used to table food, it’d be different.

And I’ll second continuity eror’s question - why couldn’t your friend just wrap the chicken up and save it for lunch or something?