Is there any animal that won't eat fried chicken?

Just wondering …

I’ve got some leftover KFC in my fridge, but I’m not quite willing to test this out with my fish.

Besides, that chicken is mine.


(Or any non-carnivore…)

A vegetarian.

WAG: koala bears and pandas.

Other fried chickens.

Tiggers don’t like fried chicken.

well, not 100.0% sure, but I don’t think cows would be wild about it.

Some sort of swallow?

Pretty much all of them will, if they know what’s good for them.

I once was at a picnic where these huge wasps were divebombing the table and flying away with big chunks of fried chicken ripped from our KFC. That was pleasant, I can tell you …

Horses: No. Not even if you wrapped it in alfalfa hay, or served it mixed with shredded bran muffins. These are beasts that can devour a bucketful of grain while separating out the powdered fragments of the medicine you’re trying to sneak into them. They’d flip the chicken chunks outta the way with their semi-prehensile lips and gobble up the good stuff, then give you that “What is this stuff in my bucket and why isn’t it carrots?” look.

A goat, however, would eat the chicken and the container it came in.

I have to disagree wit you there . Although I have no actual experrience feeding chicken to a horse , my first horse Star gladly gobbled down a hamburger once . I think it was sort of a if-you’re-eating-it-I-must-have-some thing with him , but he did eat it . So if he ate beef , why not chicken ?

On the other hand , my cat turns her nose up at it . Go figure .

Untrue. I’ve seen it done, little bastard cannibals that they are.

I’ve heard squirrels love it.

The question is, did he ever eat a second hamburger? I completely understand the “If my human’s eating it, it must be good” mindset, but my two have begged a taste of something, chomped it a bit, and let it dribble out when the Awful Truth (“Ick, not good!”) became apparent.

Then again, was the hamburger made with grainfed beef? Was there lettuce on it? :wink:

I once had a cat that refused lobster.

My mother’s budgie loved fried chicken. And martinis.

I have a friend whose horse dearly loved Beef & Broccoli, including the beef. He ate it as frequently as his owner would allow (not very).

Well the iguana I used to own would eat any and everything in addition to the normal fruits and veggies. Pizza, PB&JS, cereal with milk, chicken, hot pockets, live mice, etc.