Doperguys, is there a connection between 'morning wood' and being a morning person?

Are guys more likely to be morning people because of a certain part of you being up and at 'em first thing in the morning?

I tend to be very sleepy and cranky in the mornings, and I can’t stand other people being bright and chipper. Horny is fine, though. :smiley:


I hate mornings. I am Woody Woodpecker in the mornings.

Definitely not in my case.

Of course, in my case, you’d have to define ‘morning wood’ as ‘when I wake up wood’.

I don’t know how it is for other guys, but in my humble experience, morning wood is your body waking you up to tell you that you have to pee.

I think the so-called “piss-hard” is a myth that has well been debunked.

Else why get Viagra? Just down a couple of beers, studly man!

Well, it helps me wake up because I can’t roll over and sleep face down…

I’ve seriously considered installing a vagina in my mattress.

Nope. Evening dude, but still have morning wood.

That’s not much of a problem for me. Then again, my erection points skywise instead of to the horizon. Odd, that.

It’s a myth? And it’s been debunked? I guess I’ve been living in a vacuum, then. Let me rephrase: it’s my body waking me up to tell me that I have to pee, and right away. Well, as soon as the wood goes away enough.

I’d like to see Art Linkletter try to sell one of those models.

Don’t you just love it when people tell you something you have experienced for decades with your own body is a myth? I think we have a population of at least two here now that does, in fact, experience them. I certainly wouldn’t fake contortions in the bathroom just for kicks.

Better than Bernie & Phyl, I suppose.

I’m not saying that men don’t wake up with morning wood, nor am I saying that men don’t wake up having to pee. But I believe it’s been pretty well debunked that there is a correlation between the two.

As a cite, take a look at…

Actually, I’m having trouble finding a cite. Cecil doesn’t address it. Snopes doesn’t address it. And about half the Google hits I get say it’s true, and the other half call it nonsense. But most of those hits are suspect.

This is weird. OK, what’s the dope on piss-hards?

My own thoughts against:

Most men need to urinate several times per day. Yet I doubt they get erections every single time. This would suggest to me that there is no correlation. Otherwise, bars would be erection central, and yet it’s pretty much a given that alcohol decreases performance, not enhance it.

Second, consider this: Morning erections may just very well be a normal function, regardless of bladder state. However, during a normal eight-hour sleep cycle, your bladder is filling up and getting no relief. Therefore, when you wake up, you need to pee. It may very well be mere coincidence that you have to pee AND have and erection every morning of your life, but it’s not a coincidence that’s hard (ahem) to explain.

I find it hard to believe it’s a myth as well. Having to pee is about the only time I wake up with mr happy standing at attention.

Holy shit, do you know how many times this has crossed my mind? Not necessarily for sex, but just to have a hole to put the wood in and go back to sleep!

Should we continue to debate it here, or might this be a good topic for GQ? Now I really want to know!

I can’t really debate the topic, just have my personal experience to go on here.

For what it’s worth, I am a morning person (please don’t hurt me!) and, being female, I never experience morning wood, except by proxy.

Yeah, but there’s got to be a factual answer.

Back to the OP…absolutely not.