Dopers: anyone remember this desk pendulum?

A long time ago, about 1991, there was a store at Universal City Walk in California. I do not remember the name of this store, but I remember it sold neat stuff like executive desk toys. One of those executive desk toys was a magnetic pendulum that had a chaotic, random swinging motion. The entire thing was made out of very nice wood and I remember it being expensive. This is the closest I’ve found (scroll down and find “Kinetic Chaos”), but the one I am looking for was entirely wood, even the pendulum.

I have searched years to buy one, and I regret not buying one when I was in the store.

Does anyone remember this thing, and more importantly, where to get one?

Here’s one made by a woodworker. Do a little searching for a “magnetic pendulum.” I found that one with “wood” added to the search.