Where can I buy this clockwork toy?

I once had a clockwork toy – it was a black box with a switch, when you turned it on a trapdoor opened and a hand came out and returned the switch to the off position.

That’s it really, it was a mad, pointless, turning-itself-off machine.
(I have seen money-boxes that operate on the same principal, but they just don’t have the same esoteric, out-there, existentialist overtones, plus I hate saving.)

Anyone know if they are still made? A supplier in the UK?

      • How long ago did you have it? Was it made out of plastic or tin? Where (what country)/when was the original purchased?

My sister used to have one of 'em. Is this what you mean?

I doubt it. I recall the device TGU is describing. It was similar to the “coin snatcher”, but the hand appeared and simply moved to the “off” position the switch that you flipped to turn the thing on.

Rats. That’s what I get for just skimming the OP.