Dopers...Grilled Cheese

Okay, so Girl Wonder and I are having a disagreement, and I turn to you for help.

When making a grilled cheese, do you butter both sides of each piece of bread, or only the outside? I was brought up on two pieces of bread, buttered on both sides. Girl Wonder claims that only one side of each piece should be buttered.

All due respect to her, but this is obviously idiotic.

What say you?

Outside only, for the browning and crisping.

Outside only. Makes it crispy.

Outside only.

I agree with this.

My wife, however, butters both sides. She’s from Wisconsin, though, where I believe you are required by law to add at least two dairy items to every sandwich.

ETA: she also puts tomatoes on her grilled cheese, which is just wrong on every level.

Outside only. If you butter the inside (Yeesh… MORE fat?) how will the cheese be able to stick to the bread and hold it together?

Outside. And the only reason not to put tomatoes on a grilled cheese, if you have them, is if you’re just making a tomato sandwich instead.

As an aside, try a pinch of rosemary in grilled cheese, too.

I melt the butter in the pan and then put in the unbuttered sandwich.

Outside only. Tomatoes on grilled cheese is yummmmy!

Outside only.

Of course, it could be worse: My stepdad is quite convinced that one should butter the outside, and spread mayonnaise on the inside, since, apparently, a grilled cheese needs more added fat. Of course, he is from West Virginia… :wink:

Not a tomato fan, but if you put bacon or ham on it, I’m game.

The results - so far - are baffling. In my 38 years on this planet, she was the first person I’d ever heard say only one side of each slice need be buttered.

Me too…

I weigh mine down with something like a saucer and some canned goods while it cooks for a thin/dense/crispy result, and I definitely like tomato on mine.

Yep. Outside only and tomatoes rock on GC.

Inside and outside.
Try Muenster cheese on rye grilled. To die for!

Outside only.

I was raised on buttering just the outside of the sandwich for browning in the pan.


Come to the Dark Side, oh eaters of melty, crispy, toasty, grilled cheese!

Butter both sides. Before putting in any cheese, put both slices in the pan and brown one side, then flip the slices and add the cheese. Put the browned sides in, assemble the sandwich and proceed with toasting one side, then flip and toast the other. You need to still toast one side at a time to get the cheese properly melted on the inside once it’s added.

Once you’ve tried it this way, you will never go back. Granted, I make grilled cheese maybe twice a year. It’s a beautifully full-fat sandwich that I only crave once in a while. The tomato soup is obligatory, to cut the fat in the tummy and palate.

outside only. sorry.

Both sides.
Someone gave me the suggestion a couple of years ago and I became an instant convert.

Outside only. With tomato, avocado and ham on rye.


Outside only, and it must be eaten with mustard.