Dopers, help me decide what to make for dinner tonight.

I need to go to the grocery store to get some food in a bit, but I am feeling particularly unimaginative right now and I can’t think of anything that sounds good to make for dinner. Help me pick out a recipe, okay?


  1. I’m vegetarian.
  2. Although I can follow directions okay, I am not exactly a fantastic chef.
  3. I feel like I’ve eaten too much heavy food lately and am in the mood for something lighter. Something with lots of nice vegetables sounds really good.

Any ideas?

Sorry to be dense or intrusive but does your particular flavor of vegetarianism allow eggs and/or dairy?

My GF made an amazing tomato-corn and cheddar pie the other night. I don’t know if this is the exact recipe she used, but it looks close enough.

I should have been clearer. Yes, it does!

But I don’t eat fish.

Big ass greek salad. Toasted sourdough bread with olive oil dipping sauce on side. Glass of red wine.

Sounds good, but I’d definitely do white wine with that. A pinto grigio or unoaked chard. And more than one glass! :slight_smile:

Thanks for your input everyone. I bookmarked that tomato pie recipe to try another time, I decided I didn’t have the energy to be all experimental today. (I’ve never made pie before.) In the end I decided that due to being all malaise-y, I’m going to make my mom’s pasta salad. It’s not as veggie-tastic as I had wanted, but it’s easy and you eat it cold and I think it will be nice to have a mom-dish today.

Shredded lettuce or spinach or some other leaf
Shredded carrots
Anything other Asian veggies you want, like water chestnuts, daikon, cilantro, or whatever floats your boat
Spicy thai peanut sauce

Wrap and nom.

…And I just made myself hungry. Dang.

I make a shrimp scampi dish that’s very good and very easy. You could leave out the shrimp and maybe add mushrooms or something.

Saute some finely chopped garlic in olive oil. Add diced tomato and onion. Reduce heat and let simmer, covered, for a few minutes until the tomatoes and onion look cooked. Add a mixture of white wine and lemon juice (about 2:1). Bring to a boil. (That’s when I add the shrimp and let them steam in the juice until they are nice and red. If you add mushrooms, have them sauteed and ready.) Pour over pasta and add some chopped parsley and parmesan cheese.

I don’t measure anything for this-- I just use what looks to be the right amount. For the wine/lemon juice, I’d say about 1/4 - 1/3 cup per serving, depending on how much juice the veggies have given off.

I’ve been really into pasta salad lately.

Get some tortellini, boil, and chill.

Cut up various veggies, like green peppers, black olives, red onion, and marinated artichoke hearts. Some cubes of mozzarella cheese or tofu.

Mix a couple tablespoons of jarred pesto sauce over all, or, if you’re feeling cheap, pour the liquid from the artichokes over (must be marinated type, not just jarred) and sprinkle liberally with parmesan cheese.

I got this from a friend, and have really liked it. Sorry for the bad language, whatthefshould I make for dinner. I made some delicious roasted green beans on the grill and gazpacho the other day as well. Oh, and a great 3 bean tamale casserole cause I have waay too much masa at the moment.