What is (or was) for dinner tonight at your home?

We haven’t had one of these in a little bit of a while, and I get good ideas each time someone does them, so … my turn to start one! :smiley:

Anyway, we eat dinner *late *at Casa Horseshoe - the Other Shoe won’t be getting home till about 10 - so I’m researching the reviews on AllRecipes for tonight’s candidate: Stuffed (Vera Cruz) Tomatoes. Never made 'em before, but the reviews (the best part of AllRecipes imho - why eat your own mistakes when you can learn from someone else’s?) are really positive and instructive. Will report back with results, but jeebuz, how can you go wrong? (Hint: recipe involves bacon.)

So … what are you having? Can I try a bite? Or, for you East Coasters - or people who eat at a normal, decent hour - what did you have for dinner? Was it good?
(Warning to mods: if no one plays nice and posts, I’m gonna bump my own thread to review the tomato recipe, cuz I’m super-excited about trying it! I haven’t looked forward to trying a new recipe this much in a while.)

Grilled chicken salad at McDonald’s.

Smoked salmon salad w/broccoli coleslaw, heirloom tomatoes, mushrooms and sweet onions, topped with a dollop of chunky blue cheese dressing.

Dinner’s not for another 7 hours or so, but it’s going to be last night’s leftover spag bol.

Dinner was actually out tonight! (PS I love these threads!)

I had a steak salad medium rare, with delicious baby greens and an assortment of veggies. I had a cup of crab corn chowder (to DIE for) and he had mozzarella sticks and a nice burger on a fresh kaiser roll.

And we drank our usual: water, no ice :slight_smile:

Dessert may be a cut up apple and Lil’ drumsticks (which, at 150 calories, aren’t “little” just right sized!)

Pot roast, mashed potatoes, peas, and salad. Despite its mundane appearance, it’s not something we have much at all.

Grilled chicken, grilled beef sausage, grilled onions and red peppers with parmesan mashed potatoes.

It was a comfort food night that will result in very fresh veggie-heavy meals for the next week. Good thing we picked up our weekly farmer’s market order today!

I’m hoping tomorrow my husband will make one of his awesome veggie stir-fry meals with our fresh veggies.

White Boudin sausage, sliced cabbage, chopped onion and chopped bacon, all browned in a skillet. Enough for tomorrow, too.

Vermicelli with homemade tomato cream sauce and peas.

Oh, my! That sounds sublime!

Fried ham, boiled potatoes, and spinach and green peas. I had home-made apple sauce on the ham, creamy cucumber dressing on the potatoes, and balsamic vinegar on the spinach, and it was all very tasty.

Lamb stew with red wine gravy, dumplings, mashed potatos and a salad. I’m just moving on to the pumpkin pie.

Leftover chicken enchiladas

we made homemade subs, very nice sourdough bulkie rolls, lettuce, tomato, onion, mrAru likes cheese on his and had smoked provalone, along with prosciutto, genoa salami, cotto salami and smoked turkey. I had the veggies and honey ham, with mayo. Roomie had leftover boneless buffalo wings and veggies with blue cheese dressing as a sub. We prefer making from bought cold cuts instead of going to a sub shop, unless we are on a road trip then something like subway beats the hell out of mcdonalds.

Yesterday it was roast-grilled calabacín with parmigianno-style cheese. Calabacín is a relative of cucumbers and okra.

Today I have chicken and veggies, also roast-grilled.

I like having a multifunction oven :slight_smile: It’s one of those which have microwave, traditional and grill, very handy.

Cheesesteak tacos.

I’ve been pretty much convinced that you can fry up anything and put it in a tortilla and it’ll taste great. Last week I was over a friend’s house (who owns a critically acclaimed Yucatecan restaurant here in the Chicago area) for dinner. I was sitting in the kitchen while he and his wife were cooking dinner. It smelled familiar to me. It smelled like my childhood–Polish. I was all :confused: Turns out they were frying Polish sausage, onions, and potatoes with a couple chipotle peppers for the tacos. Served with flour tortillas (they made a point of mentioning how they usually use corn, but in this case, flour is the right flavor) this totally hit the spot. “Fusion” cuisine at its finest.

Leek, celeriac and oyster broth with a nice bottle of chardonnay

My partner is a fishmonger who is holding an oyster festival, so we’re experimenting with oyster recipes. We live in London which has a long tradition of oyster eating, which my girlfriend is single-handedly trying to revive.

I made Matt smoked haddock with a dill sauce, minted mushy peas and these funny bread dumplings he brought back from Switzerland. The instructions were in German but I’m pretty sure they were designed to be boiled in the cellophane packets. If not, well, my apologies to his sperm count.

I didn’t fancy much, so I just made some tzatziki and had it with a bit of baguette.

Tonight I’m not sure - the official menu* says “Approximate kofta burgers, herby chips”, but I just remembered I haven’t defrosted the mince. My mother in law’s been to the farmers’ market for us though, so perhaps we’ll have something vegetably.

  • Good idea, this. We’ve got theme days:

Monday: Wok You Like!
Tuesday: Baked Thing in a Dish
**Wednesday: **Fish & Healthful Vegetables
Thursday: Crowd-Pleasing Meats
Friday: Graaaaaaaaaaaiiiiiinnnssss (Or: risotto night)
Saturday: Casual Snacks
Sunday: Proper Tory Roast

Useful for knowing what to buy / not letting stuff go to waste. I digress!

A couple of nights ago I marinated a couple of beef steaks in beef broth, dry red wine, worcester, olive oil, minced dried onions, and a little garlic powder. I panfried the steaks, searing both sides first in a little butter and then adding some of the marinade. We had some asparagus with it, and watermelon for dessert. Had some steak left over, and that made a nice stirfry. Bill has requested that I write down what I used, so that I can do it again. I almost never cook exactly from a written down recipe, I just add what seems like a good idea at the time.

Roast chicken, roast potatoes, cabbage, sugar snap peas, garden peas, cob of corn, broccolli

Spaghetti and meat balls next time…