What is (or was) for dinner tonight at your home?

Baked chicken breast with green beans and tomatoes. My husband gets his chicken breast with a spinach, strawberry and almond salad. The sides are different because I have one serve of leftover green beans and tomatoes and one serve of the salad leftover from the past couple of meals. If I’d gone to training like I’d planned I’d also have a half cup of (also leftover) quinoa, but I slacked off tonight so the quinoa will be added to a future night’s meal.

Last night: Grilled flank steak in tortillas
Tonight: Veal parmesan

Last night we had sausage and cabbage, with corn bread.

Tonight we’re having calves liver and onions, with mashed potatoes and early peas.

Linguini with hot Italian sausgae and garlic gread.

French toast with strawberry jam. Using up some old bread.

Last night was fruit (apple and grapes), cheddar cheese and ham. Finger food.


Tuesday night: Tomato and Bacon pie. This was really good, but a little futzy. It didn’t help that I didn’t get my mise on and did everything out of order. Yeah, extra time spent there. But worth it.
Wednesday night: Chicken pot pie. Again, the recipe’s a little futzy, but since SpouseO didn’t get home until 9:30, I had *plenty *of time to make it.
Tonight: Quiche Lorraine. Unless we do something different.

Apparently it’s an “all things pie crust” week.

The family will be having barbeque sandwiches from this slow-cooker recipe, coleslaw, and Bush’s canned baked beans.

I don’t really care for any of that stuff, so I’ll be cleaning up leftovers. We’ve got some couscous, steak, and chile relleno pie hanging around.

As you can see, I dig Allrecipes too. How’d the tomatoes turn out?

Last night was grilled t-bone, baked potato, and salad. Tonight will either be leftover lasagna, leftover spaghetti, or grilled burgers with fried potatoes, depending on how I feel.

Fried rice, with the leftover roast chicken from Wednesday, plus peas, egg, ginger, garlic and soy sauce.

They are AWESOME. Everyone, go buy some grocery store* tomatoes and try it. I did it with slicer-sized tomatoes (like a small fist) but I could totally see these done with little Romas, maybe as pass-arounds at a party, or appetizers, or snacks. It’s a flexible recipe - you can play around with the cheese, add basil, etc.

  • The ingredients + the roasting adds so much flavor that it totally compensates for lackluster tomatoeyness, plus, you really want a firm, almost hard tomato so it stays together - again, grocery store tomatoes have that in spades!

Link, again, so’s you don’t have to scroll back for it.

Tonight’s dinner: fajitas, sorta. Local grocery store had sirloins on sale, so we’re using that instead of skirt steak, but Other Shoe is in charge of marinading them and we’ll grill 'em up with a lot of thick onion slices and a bell pepper (I bought a monstrous red one, bigger than we can possibly eat).

We will, no doubt, have some roasted pepper left over. Hmm …

Tonight will be spaghetti and meatballs made with whole wheat linguine, and a bowl of spaghetti sauce I’ve had in the freezer for a few weeks. I’ll also use some leftover hamburger buns, nicely buttered with plenty of garlic and some Italian herbs to make some toast to go alongside.

Norinew, fresh or dried basil? It’s that time of year when you start switching over, and I envy anyone with the ability to keep windowsill herbs!

Tonight for din din is Ravioli and Vegetable soup, courtesy of my favorite, EatingWell. Since we don’t like zucchini, I use more bell peppers and corn. I use packaged whole-wheat tortellini and Trader Joe’s reduced sodium chicken broth. Sometimes I add peas too. It’s so delicious with a little parmesean sprinkled on top. Since it may dip into the 40’s here tonight, I think soup is perfectly reasonable!

Fajitas here. Steak, Onions, and Bell Peppers, rubbing/marinating the steak in a mix of grapeseed oil, jerk powder, and a little bit of red pepper, chili powder, and black pepper. Then of course put mexican-blend cheese and sour cream on top and wrap in a burrito wrap.

Apparently, great minds think alike. :wink: (Grapeseed oil, huh?)

Snickers, would you share the bacon-tomato pie recipe with us? I’m intrigued, especially since you said it was worth it.

Yeah, it was at the place I go to for very cheap ingredients (like 1/2 the price of the local supermarkets) and I had to try it. It’s sort of in between olive oil and peanut oil, in that it gives a slightly heavy flavor but not as heavy as olive oil, and has a high smoke point like peanut oil. (Now, grapeseed oil itself isn’t cheap ($5 for a fairly small container) but I don’t use a lot of it at a time.

For dinner I had a fucking M&S chicken sandwich at my desk at 8.30pm having been working without a break since 7am. FML

Baked salmon with sour cream and green tomato pickle; mashed sweet potato; steamed broccoli.

We’re trying to get a week’s worth of micronutrients all at once, apparently.

Chicken with spinach and peanut sauce, and brown rice. That was it. I decided that the spinach in the peanut sauce counted as the vegetable.

I am semi-embarrassed to admit that I buy the Spice Grinders at Aldi’s, and one of the ones I regularly buy is the “Pizza and Pasta” spice grinder. This includes, among other things, basil, oregano, garlic, thyme and sea salt. It really is a nice, lazy addition to any kind of Italian-style dish.