What's for dinner tonight?

I’m having Thai-style coconut soup (Tom Kah) using leftover frozen Thanksgiving turkey and chopped greens (basic ingredients: turkey, coconut milk, lime juice, yellow & green currry paste, onions, collards & kale), and homemade bread. The soup is actually leftover from yesterday. How about you?

Tonight we are dining out at our favorite local Mexican place. The wife will undoubtably have the Carnitas Uruapan. I am still waffling between the Enchilada trio or a chili relleno, enchilada, taco Combo Plate. Whatever we get will be washed down with much Mexican beer and a margarita or two.

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Ellen Cherry
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An easy Stir Fry… packaged chop chicken with packaged fresh pre cut veggies, microwave up Uncle Ben’s 90 second Brown rice and you have yourself a delicious, nutritious and super fast dinner.

But tomorrow… tomorrow i’m going for the gusto with my super awesome famous meatloaf! Its a few and far between cold and rainy week in San Diego and comfort food is sounding great!

Tonight, homemade pulled pork on fresh rolls with slaw.

Tomorrow, laksa, mmmm, which I only mention because it also contains coconut milk!

I’m trying a new Rocco DiSpirito recipe that my mom saw on GMA - healthier fettuccine alfredo. My mom will be here for dinner. I hope it turns out OK.

Pierogies with kielbasa and onions.

Franks and beans.

Nachos, I think. Today was the first day of classes, and I’m always wiped out afterwards. If the SO wants something other than that, he’s on his own :slight_smile: Plus, I’ve got fresh organic avocadoes for fresh guac.

I’m thinking pasta with pine nuts, smoked turkey and arugula.

It all depends on whether I’m eating alone tonight or not, though… if The Boy is working through dinner again, then I’ll probably just end up nibbling on some crusty bread, pickled eggplant, olives and a little cheese, since it’s quicker to put together and leaves less dirty dishes behind. Also, I have some homemade pate that is at risk of going bad if I don’t eat it soon.

I will resist the urge to order Thai takeout, despite the fact that I now have a wicked bad Shrimp Tom Kah craving. :stuck_out_tongue:

Ham steak, romaine salad w/tomatoes, bell pepper, FF roka blue dressing, FF swiss cheese (yes, fat free, no it’s not that bad). FF chocolate pudding for dessert.

Snack w/TV is popcorn w/canola oil & penzey’s brady street sprinkle. Hot cocoa probably right before bed.

Homemade pizza! The sourdough starter is bubbling away on the counter for the AWESOME sourdough crust, and I’ll put tomato sauce (Trader Joe’s), cheese, rosemary, and sausage on my half. My husband will put sauce, cheese, and pepperoni on his half. Kiddo will have some of both of ours.


Got a pound of mushrooms to use up, so it’s going to be chicken marsala, more or less. Without the pounding of the meat and the breading, since I have all of this cut up cooked chicken left over (long story).

Steak-Umms on a hoagie roll, Easy Fries and mixed veggies.

I live alone :stuck_out_tongue:

I bought a bunch of scallops last night. I have them marinading in jerk sauce right now.

Left over walnut chicken and corn pudding. The cumin rice is all gone. :frowning:

That actually sounds good, but on tonights menu plan is steaks in a sort of hispanic based marinade made with sour orange juice and spices, leftover mashed potatoes turned into potato cakes and wilted spinach salad with balsamic vinegar dressing.

It is a shame, I do have the makings for the keilbasa and pierogies …

Chunks of chicken breast sauteed with frozen Mexican vegetable mix served with tortillas warmed with queso Chihuahua, salsa and avacado.

Cooking for one…

Chicken and veggie kabobs under the broiler and a balsamic potato salad with spinach, virginia ham, and onions. It’s going to be awesome.

Turkey. It was given to me, so I had to cook it. with gravy, mashed potatoes and corn. (I have crescent rolls, but no point in spoiling the man.) Then, I suppose, it’s on to turkey sandwiches on marble rye, lettuce, tomato, and plenty of mayo. If I can find room in the freezer, I’ll try freezing some turkey n’ gravy to bring out in triumph next month, when we’ll no doubt be snowed in…Oh, and the turkey was frozen solid in its wrapper for over a year, but it tastes absolutely delicious. If you like turkey.