What is (was) for dinner tonight?

I decided to make a chicken casserole found on YouTube here.

Basically, it’s a bed of white rice in a cooking dish, then 3 chicken breasts (seasoned with salt & pepper), then cream of celery soup with water and a packet of onion soup mixed in, then an onion cut into chunks and placed on top of the chicken. Then cook at about 325 for 2 hours.

I have to say my place is smelling absolutely awesome!

I have about 40 minutes left and really can’t wait to try it.

So what did others have for dinner?

I have a date. I plan on ordering chicken schwarma from a Med place.


I heart free food.

It’s funny: I spent 3 months in Israel recently and really didn’t care for the food.

There’s a new Mediterranean place near work and I’ve been eating the beef shawarma there quite a bit.


Oh, and good luck.

Shredded chicken, black beans and rice in a mole/chipotle sauce.

Refried black beans, hamburger, sour cream, shredded mexican cheese mix and taco sauce on large flour tortillas. The cheese and (of course) sour cream put on cold after the rest was heated.

Its too hot to cook, so: antipasto salad. Chunked peppers, tomatoes, salami, cheese (aged cheddar & fresh mozz), olives, and pickled carrots. All stirred together with a little oil & vinegar.

It’s too hot here, too, and I couldn’t even summon enough energy to fix a salad. I ate raisin bran.

That sounds really good.

That sounds bad. :slight_smile:

Too hot to cook here too!

I had a big tomato from the farmer’s market with cottage cheese and black pepper, some summer squash salad (chunks of zuchini, yellow squash and patti-pans, red onion, black olives and feta marinated in Tuscan dressing), and a Skinny Cow ice cream sandwich.

Oh man, just a little longer.

Seriously, my place smells so good, I could eat the leather couch I’m sitting on. :drool

Green salad with sauteed shrimp.

Company just left so I’m sick of cooking nice meals. My husband is having an arthritis flare-up and has no appetite. Soooo…

I ate some leftover chicken wings and broccoli.

My husband will probably have a leftover hamburger later this evening.

I gave our daughter baby oatmeal, green beans, and milk. She’d had cheese and peaches just 90 minutes earlier, because it’s been a surreal day and her schedule is shot.

I just took it out of the oven and the chicken is fall apart greatness.

The onion chunks have a good snap to them when bitten.

It could have used way more salt, so I salted it up while it’s cooling, then mixed a bit.

In about 5 minutes, I’ll be in heaven.

A dill pickle and ice water with a bit of grated pear in it.

Another dinner from the Med place! It’s the cook’s night for self-injection, so he (ok, I) skipped cooking tonight.

Frozen pizza

Leftovers! Vermicelli with my stewed beef and veggies sauce. :slight_smile:

I gotta try that - do you think some mixed frozen veggies in there would work?

That was the greatest dinner I have ever had.

The chicken was way too undersalted, but everything else was over salted. How do I get the two to mix properly?