So What's for Dinner Tonight? (2020 Anything Goes Edition)

Tonight I’m having some chicken thighs roasted with plums, onions, baby potatoes, and chopped carrots, based on a NYTimes double-deep-paywalled recipe which is easily found at other websites by googling. I wasn’t wild about the spice/seasoning recommendations so just used what looked good to me. (I also made it a few weeks ago and it received a rave review from my daughter.)

So what’s anyone else having for dinner?

Yeah, let’s think about food! :yum:

We’ve been eating a lot of things that don’t take long to cook. I’m not sure why, but that’s become one of the major criteria. Tonight we’ll be have fried ham slices, fried polenta slices with bacon, and sauteed asparagus.
And ice cream! This week it’s Publix Premium Chocolate Trinity.

A 28-ounce container of Mac & Cheese (premade and in the refrigeration section of the store) and 4 fried hotdogs (on sliced bread with mustard and relish).

Then a bowl of chocolate w/peanut butter swirls ice cream.

Then I’ll head off to bed to have really weird dreams.

No idea, since it’s a commuting day and I’m in Seattle. Last night for dinner I made aspara nikumaki, Japanese sesame dressing/dipping sauce, and sticky rice, and got a bag of Spring mix salad. I suspect Mrs. L.A. will heat up the leftovers. (Not the salad.)

Tomorrow I shall lobby for Paso del Norte. I have a $10 reward that expires Saturday.

It’s Stir Fry Thursday. This is the night when I often prowl through the fridge for wayward vegetables that didn’t get used up from last week’s CSA box.

Tonight will be a sesame/garlic/ginger sauce with chicken, leeks, broccoli, celery, green pepper, rainbow carrots and Swiss chard over Jasmine rice. Should be enough for a couple more meals, too.

Being as it’s getting late here & I’m still ‘Dopin’ up a storm and the other half of we is making testy noises …

Probably a container of homemade chili with warm homemade corn muffins. Probably have a cheese & fruit plate later for dessert.

I bought a new flavor of scotch today that probably needs trying too after the cheese clears the chili heat from the palate.

Mrs. L.A. made acorn squash. I should have remembered, since I cut the squash in half last night. I also had a cold fried chicken leg.

Probably this “Hawaiian Style Ratatouille” unless I get super lazy and decide to eat leftovers from a stew of pork and greens.

I’ve made the ratatouille/feta part before (using Bacon Salt for the “salt to taste” part) and it was insanely good, though I did add a bit more olive oil than the recipe called for so keep that in mind if you decide to make it. Last time I didn’t make the quinoa, but tonight I think I will.

ETA: I don’t think the instructions are very clear on how to cut the kabocha, but there is a youtube video that shows pictures, which helped a lot. Basically, cut it into slices about 1/4 inch thick and then cut those slices into pieces about the size you want to encounter in the finished product - large bite-size-ish.

There are some really interesting-looking recipes at that site. And you’re right, the video is very helpful.

Last night I was frying floured chunks of chicken thigh in a pan, and I was asked, “What are you making?” and the answer was, “I don’t know yet”. It turned out to be what was basically chicken-pot-pie filling in a pan. Rave reviews all around.

Grilled salmon with roasted sweet potatoes. My gf pointed out the color problem with the meal, but it was delicious.

Tonight’s dinner plans Chez Needscoffee are to eat leftovers from the chicken, plum, onion and potato bake. I might make some of kayaker’s roasted sweet potatoes as “dessert”, since I got a large bag last week.

It’s Friday,so pizza is a likely choice.

Brazed beef short ribs, with butternut squash and brussel sprouts in a maple syrup glaze. Yummy.

Mexican food and margaritas. I had six hot wings and half a shredded-beef taco salad.

Similar dinner to yours. We made chicken marbella yesterday and had some leftovers today. It’s chicken thighs with olives, prunes, capers, garlic, oregano, brown sugar, wine, red wine vinegar; served over rice. It’s basically a one-pan dish (two, if you count the rice).

Yum! Many years ago I worked at a caterer whose specialty dish was Chicken Marbella.

It reminds me of dishes you see in old 50’s cookbooks, but apparently it was invented in the 70s in a Jewish neighborhood restaurant in NYC.

Not sure what it’s going to end up as, but tonight’s meal will be something with garbanzo beans and sweet potatoes. Probably with some curry seasoning and/or homemade chutney. Maybe with goat cheese.

Homemade pizza.