So What's for Dinner Tonight? (2020 Anything Goes Edition)


Mrs. L.A. is warming up the nikumaki.

Beer sausage and potato gnocchi.

I had bourbon. And garlic bread that I augmented with some extra cheese. Parm but also some misc ends that melted nicely.

Mom’s meatloaf. What’s in the recipe is unimportant because A)Mom made it so it is automatically yummy and B)Mom made it and I didn’t have to cook so that makes it taste even better. Side of baked potato(I substituted a slice of buttered bread, not a huge fan of baked potatoes)

Tell her to make mashed potatoes next time, unless you’re not a fan, of course!

My mother made not-so-great meatloaf, but I know what you mean; I miss having someone who will make me meatloaf.

If she had asked me my preference, I would have, heck, I would have made them. She didn’t ask, and she was feeding me and Vaderling so who am I to complain too much?

Quesadillas; one using leftover chicken and added Buffalo sauce, the other leftover pulled pork, onions, etc.

Huh, that’s interesting. That explains why my father cooked it for Passover a couple times in the late 70s/early 80s.

I roasted a chicken last night. Served it with leftover boiled potatoes fried up with an onion in goose fat, and with what I could salvage of some too-old broccoli in the fridge. The broccoli was surprisingly fine, probably because I trimmed out the bad parts VERY completely.

Got busy Sat afternoon with cooking & didn’t come back to post.

It was a large batch of chicken cacciatore with a sauce heavy in olives, mushrooms, & various mild peppers but relatively light on tomatoes. Served over WW rotini and with a nice Cabernet. Used 16 thighs, half skinned & half skin-on. Ate 2 and now have 14 frozen for a later day.

Berries & chocolate came later. Ate well and so slept well.

Gonna try the NYT roasted cauliflower recipe and broil a marinated flank steak.

I came across this lentil soup recipe & commentary a few weeks ago and I haven’t been able to shake it. Yesterday, I bought the ingredients to make it today. I think I’ll be subbing lemon juice for the vinegar at least some of it. Maybe half & half. I don’t have an immersion blender so the regular blender will have to do.

His video is quite compelling, too. Not too much extra fluff, step by step, though he accidentally says coriander instead of cumin at about 3:40.

I’m thinking of making this lentil soup recipe today:

Yesterday I made Tamale Pie for a crowd. Well, 3 adults and 2 teenagers, which qualifies. The hostess made beans and rice to go with, and I arrived with the main. Much nommage occurred and I finished off the leftovers for breakfast this morning. Cooking for 1 is an impossible task, so we do group dinners every other Saturday so everybody gets a taste of someone else’s cooking.

Something with the leftover chicken thigh from last night. Tacos? Maybe pull some of the frozen tomatoes out and make some sauce? Ramen?

Copied to my cookbook.

Tonight it will be New Mexican pork and green chili stew, but minus the Hatch chilis. We can’t seem to get mild Hatch here. I bought a bunch, but they’re way too hot to be making a stew with them. So I’m using roasted poblanos instead, and one token Hatch.

I can recommend a scant pinch of clove powder for the chile verde.

Warmed up Spinach calzone

Which I happen to have on hand. Thanks!

Chili is on deck for tonight, and some garlic bread because someone upthread mentioned making some and it sounds good!