Dopers in japan/have recently visited.

Bit of an odd question, but can anyone currently in Japan, or who has recently visited let me know how difficult it is to buy/mail postcards from there?

Trying to counter the argument from a young lad currently out there that he “just can’t find any postcards and has had no time to go to the post office.”


It’s been a couple years since I’ve visited, but I wouldn’t think things would have changed all that much.

Buying postcards was pretty easy - they seemed to be as available as they are in the US. All the tourist attractions had them, and most of the hotel gift shops had them.

As to mailing them, I would simply take them to the hotel desk, and ask them to send them (to the US). They would tell me how much for postage, and that was that - pretty simple. In some cases they’d actually sell me stamps and point me to the mailbox. But most times they’d just take the cards and handle it from there.
(All this without speaking a word of japanese).

If he’s in Tokyo or Osaka, he’s lyin’ to you. :slight_smile: If he’s in another city, and you’re feeling charitable, you might choose to believe that he’s having trouble recognizing postcards without English on them. But only if he’s not trying very hard.

Post offices are located everywhere as well.

yah, that’s what I thought. Methinks he’s enjoying the “all you can drink” bars too much. :smiley:

I lived in the deepest darkest northern corner of the second poorest prefecture in Japan and they had post cards and every town had a post office.

Dead easy. I sent them everywhere I went.