Dopers in the News

Did ya see me? Did ya, did ya? I was there in the background. I was on TV. Woohoo.
OK… look really hard. Can you see me now?

Hey, that’s my neck of the woods, but I didn’t see you because I can’t play the video. So what news story were you in?

We just received seven new dolphins at the aquarium. In the video, you can see me attaching a force probe on the chain to weigh the new dolphins. I spent from 1am to 5am this morning swimming around with the weaker three making sure they didn’t role tits-up and drown. That water is freezing at night. Thank god for wetsuits.

Ooh, I wondered if it would be that story. So you’re at Mote Marine? That’s great. I started to go into marine biology a long time ago but I decided that since I can’t swim very well I’d stick with the furry land animals.

The funniest part of the news video is the anchorwomen:

“Thirty of the animals are scheduled for necrop… necro… ne… animal autopsies”

he he he

ooo sexy! :wink:

Good luck with the dolphins! :slight_smile:

well, except for those thirty, of course… :dubious:

We lost Grumpy last night at 9:30. He was the weakest of the group. I spent much of my time in the pool keeping him from tipping over. He was actually using his flukes to “stand” and keep his blowhole above water. He reminded me of Jabber Jaws, that walking cartoon shark from the 80s.
Anyway, he died. Now we have 6 left. Four of them are doing very well. Two are iffy.