Dopers without kids: Who are you leaving your "estate" to?

I have a will.

Whatever, I’m keeping my shotgun loaded from now on.


My local museum gets first choice of all of my household goods and books. My neices and nephews would get the rest. Assuming, of course, there’s anything left. I intend to die broke.

All my stuff goes to my wife. If she can sell the rare records and CDs and audio gear to collectors, and not to some scam artist for pennies on the dollar, she will get a pretty nice chunk o’change.

My brother. I should write that down somewhere tho, eh?

Who ever the board appoints as president. I assume it will be you Sid.

You can download forms for wills all over the internet…fill it out and get two people to sign as witnesses…or if you have the money, go to a real lawyer.

I have left everything to my SO…and in case we both get hit by the poverbial bus together, it all goes 50\50 to his brother and my niece.

My nephews - with the caveat that they care for any pet that I may have at the time of my demise. Specific pieces of jewelry will go to friends and sisters-in-law (or is that sister-in-laws?)

It’s divided between my nieces and nephews–20% each.

My will divides up personal objects between members of my family and friends - the financial assets will be placed in trust for my sister’s use to fund operations for animals for people who can’t afford them (oh, she’s a vet, if that makes more sense!). Too many stories from her about people unable to afford lifesaving treatment for their pets and having to put them down.

Not to worry: most jurisdictions have a “slayer rule” that applies to wills. If you kill someone, then for purposes of the deceased’s will, the murderer is treated as predeceasing the murderee.

That all makes sense in my head, but not on paper. I need more coffee. :slight_smile:

Me, everything goes to my parents, except my life insurance which goes to my sister, with her mother-in-law as a secondary beneficiary. At some point, when my estate consists of something more substantial, and when my nieces and nephews are actualities rather than potentialities, I’ll likely set up a trust to pay for their educations. Not sure who the residual beneficiary would be, though…

Well, there goes my theory about the shoemaker’s children having no shoes. :wink: I figure I’ll get around to it eventually, when the little nieces and nephews arrive, but right now, intestacy is good enough for me!

A combination of various relatives and organizations, depending on how much I have when I pass, the nature of what I possess, and who ends up outliving me.

My sister is the beneficiary on my IRA, mutual funds, and the employer life insurance policy. She’ll get the whole enchilada, such as it might be. However, she’s told me I can’t die until I clean the house.

I figure I’m immortal. :smiley:

Mr brother’s kids stand to profit by my death, too. Should us aunts and uncles start worrying now, or should we just hope they never see Strangers On a Train? The local fencers of the SCA will get my fencing gear; otherwise, family and friends can split it up. I doubt I’ve got anything which would interest the local museum.

I have an estate?

I intend to get a will drawn as soon as I’m done getting all the paperwork for my flat.

It’ll be something like:

  1. Two friends and littlebro get to clean out my books and “little stuff” (travel mementos, stuff like that). Any books any of them want, they keep. Any book they don’t want is given to the local library (all this is considered “no monetary value” under local law unless the books are rare, if my informant was correct, but I’ll make sure to verify with the Notary) or language school, depending on what language they’re in.
  2. If littlebro can be both beneficiary and in charge of cleaning up, then he gets to sell my car, flat and garage; furniture that’s not wanted by the buyers gets offered to local charities. Great-grandfather’s trunk goes to Mom, it’s my only valuable piece of furniture.
  3. Money from the bank and sales should go first to cover expenses and taxes; what’s left gets split 3 ways. One part for littlebro, one part for nephew to be received when he finishes studying (college or tech school) or at 18 whichever is latest (littlebro can invest it but must be at his most conservative while doing so), one part for Mom. If another nephew has come along between writing the will and me kicking it, another equal part gets added; my apologies to nephews born after I kick it. Middlebro and the SIL get to kiss my already-rotting ass, after they’ve had the gall to inform me that I’m not welcome to celebrations at their house with friends I’ve known since they were knee-high and she didn’t meet in 7 years of courtship because “my family I love dearly and of course I love your brother, but you and all your family and those friends were imposed on me”. OK, I won’t impose my money on you so you can go buy 3 black dresses and only wear one to my funeral.

If I can’t get littlebro to take care of the money I’ll have to try and figure out who can I find that I’ll trust… middlebro definitely not…

My body should be donated for science. If that’s going to cause Mom the fits, then it gets buried in the old family plot or cremated and the ashes dropped into the sea, whichever is cheapest (I think burials at sea aren’t legal any more).

I have a child, obviously he gets to decide what he chucks or keeps.

Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh. You meant property and stuff worth something. Well anyone else is free to take what he chucks. Sad but true :smiley:

You are following what seems to be my family tradition; either body given to medical school or ashes at sea (or of a cliff in my family). I kinda want ashes off a cliff but I won’t be around to know.

My lawyer only charges fifty bucks to do a “simple” will. He recommended that I make a lit of bequests and bring it in to his office.

If wife and I both died suddenly, I’m not sure what would happen. Damn – I don’t know how my family and inlaws would even find my money which is pretty much all at Ameritrade.

Other than that, the plan I currently have it to bequeath my assets (stock, bonds, cash, and real estate) to the charities I presently give to, primarily the Enoch Pratt Free Library. It won’t go to nieces and nephews. They’re already lucky enough to have been born to college educated parents in two of the richest countries on Earth. They don’t need any more help than that.

Even if I did have kids, that plan wouldn’t change very much. And, if my parents leave me anything, I plan to set up a charitable “foundation” with that. You can set up charitable accounts at places like Vanguard with as little as $25,000 and make yearly donations from that account.