Dopers without kids: Who are you leaving your "estate" to?

Just a random thought I had. Before our son was born, my husband and I usually listed my mom as the secondary beneficiary of any pissant little life insurance policy we might have had. (Not that much would be left over after the creditors got their hands on it.)

My cats.

My partner and any surviving family, and a list of charities and Good Causes, such as health research and my undergraduate college. Plus the cat stipend for whover cares for them, of course.

Mr. SCL if I go first, of course. The main worry is making sure the cats are taken care of. Then the rest to his sister’s grandchildren, I guess.

I plan to leave it to the state to get rid of my stuff. I don’t have enough to care about. That will mean my two sisters and the state will split it up, if it’s even large enough to be taxed, which I doubt.

I do have a small employer-provided life insurance policy. My “good sister” (rather than my evil one) is named as the beneficiary of that.

A friend I’ve known for most of my life, and if she pre-deceases me (and I get to the lawyer’s office to actually do the codicil), the next heir is the historical society I belong to.

My SO, and after that, our siblings.

No idea. I imagine we’ll facilitate an estate sale and give a good portion of the proceeds to charity, with family getting the rest.

Well, there’s always :smiley:

I guess if I accumulated enough assets to make it worth the trouble (unlikely), I would probably leave everything to my brother, who needs the money more than my parents do.

For the purposes of the Visa, I made up a will naming Mr Indigo as my beneficiary. He did the same thing only with me in that spot. Otherwise, err. I dunno. I don’t really care that much - if we both die, then somebody can argue over our meagre “estate”. Which mostly consists of computer games and electronic devices.

My nephew.

Before my kids were born, I named my husband as my heir, followed by my brother if my husband didn’t survive me by 72 hours. Pretty standard.

Now if hubby doesn’t outlive me by at least 72 hours, everything goes into a trust for our kids. If hubby does outlive me, everything goes to him. Then when he dies, the kid thing kicks in.

We don’t have seperate wills/trusts. Everything goes into one big pot, either way.

I have too little money or assets to worry about estate planning, but I guess I would leave it to my brother.

Everything goes to my older brother for him to distribute any way he feels is appropriate. If I out live him I’ll have to come up with another plan. Maybe my younger sister or niece .

My sister. If she predeceases me, my brother’s children.

My niece. I’m not going to tell her though, lest she does me in. :slight_smile:

Yeah, I was going to say. the two guys most likely to do me in for the insurance! (bro, and late sister’s child)

My two nephews. But their other aunt, who is executrix of my will, gets first selection of my personal effects, (heh, mostly some good books).

I left all my assets to my parents.

If I’m married by then, it’ll probably mostly go to my wife, and maybe some to my cousins and their kids. If not, probably all to my cousins and their kids, mayhaps a bit to some charities; haven’t really thought about it. If I died today my inheritors would probably be able to live downtown for two months before the well dried up.

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