Dopers without private messaging: How come?

I can understand keeping your e-mail private; just too easy for an e-mail address to go viral and you get spammed, plus the risk of a virus.

But why disable private messaging on the SDMB? It’s part of the board software, so shouldn’t have either of those drawbacks.

I like being able to send PMs to other dopers, and like getting them; it’s a nice social interaction other than in just the threads.

So, what’s the thinking in turning off that option?

Once again, Not everyone is the same. Some hate IMs and never want to see one from anyone, you included.

When I was a member of a couple parenting boards years ago members would use PMs to snipe about other members off board. I turned it off because I got tired of getting catty messages from other members who were critical of others’ input. Like “I noticed you were chatting with Miranda, you should do a history search she also advocates putting toddlers to bed with JUICE!!! so take what she says with a grain of salt” and other assorted gossip.

In an otherwise helpful online community, that stuff was petty and irritating, so I stopped it. Can’t really see that happening in this forum, but some members may be attempting to avoid drama, confrontation, or flirting.

I’ve only gotten like 10 PMs my whole time on the message board, which is a pretty sure indication I’m not interesting or well-liked. The lack of messages has put me into a darkening spiral of self-doubt and depression, which can only be solved by jumping off this moral coil or disabling that feature.

Eh, I’ll get around to it next week.

I didn’t even know you could turn off the PM function. I rarely get them, but when I do the tend to be nice.

We have a PM function? Why?

I’ve been PM’d to alert me to a thread of interest, or that someone had ‘summoned’ me to a thread. Because someone wanted something from me (whether offered or asked), because a friend wanted to bitch slap me privately, to compliment me; or for various other reasons.

I don’t want to receive PM from people who say, “How come?” instead of “How does it come to pass that?”

How come??

It may come to pass that I should communicate with folks who don’t talk right.

Many varied and interesting ways, thank you.

I don’t know who is worse, you for posting this or me for getting it right away. Either way, I laughed, so thanks.

or u might hv might hv 2 communic8 with ppl who use txt spk

Oh sure. Don’t share with the rest of us. Let us wallow in our ignorance like the swine that we are. :stuck_out_tongue:

Oh no, they used this collection of phonemic transcription symbols instead of that collection which both mean the same thing but one is considered to be part of a more informal register! The shame! The mortifying shame!

I use my email for almost all of my messaging private and for work; pops right up on my phone and I usually answer it right away. For friends that do not have email I text, then again I usually answer right away. PMing and IMing just seem to me to be just another tool that covers what I already have. Doesn’t add to my life or take way from my life if I don’t use that method of communication so for me it’s like meh.

I could write a book.

He is referring to a rather low and common term for sexual orgasm.

I was going to answer very like that, would thought some smart ass would comment on my reply.

To swap addresses, phone numbers, email addresses, and other information that you don’t want to be googlable.

Some posters have mentioned getting hostile or stalkery PMs in the past, to the point that people were creating socks just to send them insulting messages, so turning off the PM option nips that in the bud for the rare occasion where it’s necessary.