Dopers, you can help clothe an injured soldier

Last time we did this, many Dopers responded very generously with things to make life a little more comfortable for deployed service members, so I’m hoping to invoke some of that famous Doper generosity again.

Specifically, most of the wounded from Iraq are eventually ending up in or passing through Landstuhl Medical Center, Germany. They are arriving having been med-evaced from the theatre, often in a big ole hurry. That situation doesn’t exactly lend itself to packing a bag, and most come with just the uniform they were wearing, or what was left of it. They often are there for extended periods of time, and after they recover enough to start moving around a bit, hospital gowns don’t cut it so well.

So, if you’d like to help, what is needed is functional, comfortable clothing, such as T-shirts, sports bras, flip-flops, sneakers, sweats, coats, etc. The guy who is spearheading the drive here on MacDill tells me that two of the highest demand items are zip-up sweat shirts, (to accomodate people who have IVs or can’t raise their arms over their heads) and underwear.

If you would like to send something, the address is:

Lt. Randy Larson
7235 Bayshore Blvd
MacDill AFB, FL 33621

He’s the guy who’s collecting stuff and sending it along. Anything that anyone would care to send would be deeply appreciated, both by the service members in Landstuhl and myself.

Lt. Ileen Verble, USAF

Well, that was…underwhelming. One bump just in case someone missed this and might be interested.

Lucretia, I’m sending something. I just didn’t feel the need to announce it. I guess my cover is blown.

Thank you, peri. Both your generosity and your modesty are commendable. :slight_smile:

Sorry, I was flying last night. I’ll definitely be sending something, Ma’am. :slight_smile:

Lucretia, it’s just like you to spearhead something like this.

You didn’t specify, but would it be OK to donate clean, used clothes, or are you looking for new? Kyle, aka “The Moose”, has several items which fit your description that he doesn’t wear/use anymore. These things are in good condition - should I send them on?

P.S. I miss you. Will you please come visit me soon?

MADs - Mrs. F. and I are headed south on Sunday; we will be visiting the Bluesclan. If you’ve got stuff I can take down and you can get it to me on Saturday (all the way out near the shores of the Chesapeake), I’ll be happy to pack it. Sorry for the short notice!

Lucretia - sorry I missed this last night. Are blue jeans good? I’m a size down from where I was last spring, and I’ve got a big pile of jeans that are quite wearable, but not by me.

I don’t think I have anything that would be suitable, but this sounds like a good cause. :slight_smile: I hope that they can collect the stuff they need.

Ah, that’s the Dopers I know. I’m not entirely sure about used clothes, I’ll check today and then post back. My first guess is that as long as clothing is clean and intact (no rips, stains, etc.), that it would be okay, but I’ll go ahead and confirm that.

And Anita, have you compared temps in our respective locations lately? I’d love to see you, but you should come see me! :slight_smile:

Okay, I checked with Lt. Larson, and he says that for various reasons, they are asking for only new items. Thanks, thoughAnita and RT, for the thought.