DoperWomen! Is a bald spot a 'dealbreaker'?

I’m starting to show a bald spot, and I’m still allegedly in the ‘dating scene’. I know that baldspots in potential dates do not appeal to every woman; what I’m wondering is…

What percentage of women dislike them? What percentage of women don’t care about them? And for what percentage of women is a baldspot overshadowed by other considerations?

(I’d be very surprised if any women admitted to liking baldspots. Although, on second thought, nothing would surprise me with this group… :slight_smile: )

[sub]I’ve decided that, if I should start to show serious male-pattern baldness like Grampa did, I’ll never be a Combover Charlie; I’ll shave everything and go Shiny instead. :slight_smile: [/sub]

I really don’t care whether a guy has a bald spot if I’m actually interested in him to begin with. And I fully support your plan to shave it if you lose quite a bit of hair - bald is beautiful!

Er, no. A bald spot is definitely not a problem.

Shiny is even better.

Doesn’t make any difference to me. It’s not that I prefer balding men, it just doesn’t really factor into their overall attractiveness that much, to me.

However a combover is a turnoff for obvious reasons.

I don’t care, though I’m pleased to hear that you won’t do the combover thing.

If you’ve got personality, then your hair, or lack thereof, isn’t an issue one way or the other.

I agree with the above. Definitely do not do the comb-over. A bald spot wouldn’t deter me from dating a good man. If it gets too large, do shave. I have seen some very hot, shaved-head men. Consider adding a goatee with the shaved head - the women will be lining up for ya. :slight_smile:

Hair, or lack thereof, has never been an issue with me. I think combovers are silly, but even that wouldn’t be a deal-breaker. As long as a man showers regularly and uses deodorant, I’m happy.

Not even. The biggest turnoff for me is a man who’s obsessed with his appearance, so IMHO the best thing to do about your bald spot is not worry about it. Or shave your head. I think that’s sexy.

Thanks! This is better than I expected. :slight_smile: Yeah, combovers always seemed to be a classic example of ‘trying too hard’, but now I suspect that it’s not that simple. If one changes over the years but one’s self-image doesn’t…

Slainte, I’d probably pass on the goatee; I’ve never really liked them.

Except for three months at college I’ve never worn any sort of beard. (I shaved it when people started to call me ‘Jesus’). I wonder about having no head or facial hair; perhaps the beard on a bald man provides a needed visual anchor or something?

(New superhero: ‘Mr Eyebrows’. :slight_smile: )

Podkayne, there decisions are a ways off for me, so I’m not too worried about it.

And there’s a little voice in the back of my that keeps asking whether Shaved Shiny is high-maintenance…

I’ve never really had that problem - I’m only 20 and all the guys I’ve dated have been very close to my own age. However, I can’t imagine it really being a problem. I wouldn’t choose a bald guy, but like everyone else here, I really don’t think it’s a big deal.

My boyfriend has super long hair - I wouldn’t have chosen that, but I’ve come to love it. Now I wouldn’t have it any other way!

Age can be a deal breaker, and the age range I’m looking for tends not to have a huge bald spot yet (but evidence that it will be there is not a deal breaker.)

What someone is doing about their bald spot may be.

Shaved is very cool.

Any woman who is shallow enough to turn you down because of a bald spot isn’t worth your time in the first place.

Oh, definitely not a deal-breaker. I happen to like guys with a good head of hair…but my husband is bald! He was very balding when I met him, and he was only 23. Now he’s shaved, and looks great.

Geesh, if I was back in the dating pool, and if I met a good guy, the last thing I’d worry about was a little chrome dome.

Currently dating a guy who’s definitely bald, with the fringe-of-hair thing. I keep meaning to ask him to find a picture of himself with hair, because I can’t imagine it.

If you do shave – and my understanding is it’s not a big deal, less complicated than shaving the rest of your face – don’t feel compelled to do facial hair also – I think the “no hair but the eyebrows” thing can be very, very sexy.

So I guess the black spray paint wouldn’t be a good idea either…?


Well, considering the fact that I’m fifteen, and most guys my age don’t have bald spots, and that hooking up with guys that do would in most cases be illegal, I think I would have to say yes, it’s a dealbreaker. :smiley:

Ohhh… shaved and shiny can be very nice, if you have the skull for it (I dated one man who shaved his noggin, but it was kinda lumpy. Odd, really).
And the act of shaving can be quite erotic.

Combovers = bad. Very bad.

Bald spot = not bad. Not bad at all.

Cueball = sexy.

Bald is beautiful! It’s a palming thing…:rolleyes:

Seriously, I don’t care about how my men look, unless it’s obvious they are taking really shitty care of themselves.

You don’t have to go “shiny” bald. I dated the hottest attorney last year who just has a maintenance shave because he’s going bald at 30.

‘maintenance shave’?

The only way I would have a problem with a guy with a bald spot would be if he obsessed over it all the time. I find that in general, while an attractive man will pique my interest, it’s more a combination of their general confidence and persona that really attracts me. I’ve been head over heels for guys who weren’t even close to ‘non-traditionally handsome’ but there was just something about them … of course, YMMV.

Basically, if you don’t worry about the things you’re insecure about, chances are we won’t even notice. I’ll second those who suggest a full-shave if you get too worried about it. A nice crew cut will do the trick as well. Actually, it’s quite fun to run your fingers through a really short 'do.