Doppelgängers: Who are the famous people that you know?

There is a guy at work who, ever since I started dealing with him, I was sure I knew from somewhere.

Watching Sherlock Holmes today I suddenly realized that Mark Strong is who I conflate with my workmate.

Anyone you know that is the doppelgänger of someone well known?

A good friend of mine looks very much like Kevin Bacon, even more so in profile than head on. My dad looks like Al Pacino in the 80s/90s, even went as Scarface for Halloween last year and looked dead-on.

Garrison Keillor is a work buddy. He’s a musician and yesterday we talked about how he should start a Keillor tribute band.

My friend Paul is a dead ringer for Nathan Lane. He’s a flight attendant on a major US airline and has kept a tally of how many flights he’s had when no one said something about the resemblance. It’s very rare.

It took him 9 years of flying in and out of LAX before he finally ended up with Nathan Lane on a flight (though over the years he had a lot of people who worked with Lane) and Lane was completely taken aback, the similarities between them are so strong. They even have similar voices; my friend is also a singer, they have the same sort of slightly camp mannerisms, and both are gay.

There’s someone I used to work with who looked and sounded like Max Grodenchik’s character, the Ferengi Rom from Deep Space Nine. Yes, in makeup. Don’t tell him I said so.

I’ve been told I look like this guy.

I have a friend who looks very much like Liam Neeson. In fact, when a headshot of Liam was on the cover of a major magazine some years back, several of us talked about getting Tony to autograph them for us. :smiley:

I make it a rule never to ask someone who looks like a celebrity “Has anyone ever told you that…?”

Just once I broke the rule because I met a maintenance man who looked so much like the young Paul McCartney I couldn’t help myself. I got as far as using the line above, and not the name, when he said “Yes!” in a rather annoyed tone. I backed off.

Not somebody I know, but me - last week a library patron said “You know who you look like? That girl from The Goonies!” Now, I haven’t seen that movie in decades, so I checked it out yesterday and fired it up and holy crap I am a dead ringer for a young Martha Plimpton. It’s creeping me out how striking it is, especially at certain angles. (On the other hand, she looked mega-hot at the Emmys, so I guess I have that to look forward to.)

When I had longer hair, people told me I looked like Harry Potter. I was not amused.

I chat on the commuter train every morning with Seth Green and Neil Patrick Harris. Tina Fey used to take the train with us, but she and her husband moved.

I tend to ‘see’ famous people all the time. But going beyond 'hey that person kinda looks like Harry Shearer" I have a friend of a friend that could win look a like contests for Cameron Diaz and my brother’s FIL is damn near identical to Al Pacino. So much so that when he showed up at the wedding to start the pictures a bunch of the groomsmen started saying something about getting their picture taken with him and my brother quickly squelched all conversation about the topic saying that he gets really sick of hearing about it.

I worked at a hospital where one of the doctors looks exactly like Brad Pitt (when Brad was a little younger and had that super-cleancut look). Now that Brad is older, the doc looks even better. The resemblence was strong enough that people would stop and stare when he walked by. I always felt kind of bad for him…to be that good-looking, and have it attributed to someone else!

I’ve was friends with Ben Stiller since he was a kid, but I’ve not seen him in a while. Didn’t notice until I didn’t see him in a year or so. I also used to work with a younger Tamsin Grieg, who’s quite well known over here at least.

Guy I work with resembles Billy Ray Cyrus to the degree that people who don’t know him by name just refer to him as ‘Billy Ray’.

He plays guitar and sings, too, just not C & W.

There was a guy in my study group in college who resembled Beaker from The Muppet Show.

When I used to take the bus to college every day, I regularly saw James Joyce. Even had the eyepatch and everything.

I worked with one guy who looked like pitcher Tom Glavine. Another had a goofy smile that had people calling him Spongebob.

I never paid much attention to Beavis and Butt-Head, so I don’t know which is which. But a dude I used to work with about 8 years ago was INDISTINGUISHABLE from one of them (but I don’t know which). The blond one.

And my 7th grade wood shop teacher looked rather like the Basil Rathbone Sherlock Holmes.

And my 7th grade math teacher was quite reminiscent of Colonel Sanders, beard included.

– senegoid

I’m sitting at the front desk at work one day and a guy walks in. My first thought is “Why the hell is Mike Tyson walking into our office carrying flowers?” He was the boyfriend of a new agent. Later I learned she left him because he used to bet the crap out of her.

At the New York Rennaissance Fair, there is a performer who IS a young Gilda Radner. She does not only look like and sound like Gilda, she IS her. I cannot explain it, but I was so totally amazed I asked her if she was related.

Turns out she gets asked the question a lot, and she doesn’t have a clue who Gilda is. But she has to be a relative.