Do you know somebody who really resembles a TV character?

My coworker Dena has an uncanny resemblance to Dina from Superstore. She’s my Toastmasters mentor. Like Dina, she’s confident, brassy, and her name differs by one letter. I’m also sure she’d eviscerate me if I pointed this out to her. She’s got a sense of humor, but not *that *kind of humor. She hates it when I use puns during my speeches.

At least the pandemic keeps us out of the office for a few months, but I’m sure my office etiquette filter will drop at an especially inappropriate moment. I can’t resist having my own TV sitcom moment. I did it when I interviewed for a job, they pulled out a drug testing kit, and I told them I was going to fail. It was a temp job until they could hire a blind person anyway.

So anyway, do you know somebody who closely resembles a TV character?

Oh hell yes!

One guy at work looked just like George Jetson ( the cartoon one ). The shape of the head and long-ish popadour.

Another looked exactly like Barney Rubble ( the cartoon, not the remake ), in build, shape, and facial features ( real eyes though, not just black dots :slight_smile: ). Once in his vicinity, not long after having met him, I hummed a few bars from ‘The Flintones’ theme song. He then took over and hummed a few more bars of it. He was so comfortable with it, he was “Barney” to everybody at work. Many people were surprised to find out that wasn’t his real name.

Another guy, looked, and still does exactly like Richard Deacon. I would joking call him ‘Fred’, ask him how ‘Lumpy’ is getting on in school, and ask him if he has any slides from his trips to South America.

My boss looks like Shaggey from Scooby-Doo, the original cartoon version none the less. Really smart and nice but not too concerned with combing his hair or pressing his cloths.

I have a co-worker that I think looks a bit like Tobey Maguire.

But in terms of personality, I have an old friend who reminds me of “Jon” from Delocated. He has a sense of humour that is almost-but-not-quite funny, bizarre catchphrases, and unlikely get-rich-quick schemes. He’s not in the witness protection program, though.

A few years ago, I met someone at church who looked pretty much just like WWE’s Seth Rollins.

Remember Chelsea Brown from Laugh-In? (Okay, lordy, that was a long time ago…) I had a co-worker who looked so much like her it was scary!

Not currently, but some from years ago.

In Junior High School we had a boys’ P. E. coach who was indistinguishable from Gomer Pyle. (:smiley: Yes, really.) Kids called him that behind his back. I did once and got caught. Got a talking-to for that. (One could sometimes give the excuse “Hey, I was just talking to the real Gomer.” Yes, we really had a student there named Gomer too.)

(How many people know that Gomer is an Old Testament Bible name?)

In the early 1980’s I worked at a research laboratory in Kewalo Basin, a marina in Honolulu. One of our associate directors looked rather like Tom Selleck. One day, the real Tom Selleck and the whole crew were there filming an episode of Magnum P.I. that was set there, out in the parking lot area. There were plenty of looky-loos hanging around, including several people from our lab. One of the PR crew was there handing out autographed photos of Selleck.

A number of years ago, the family was out for a father’s day brunch and there was a guy in the restaurant that was a dead ringer for Broderick Crawford. I couldn’t believe it, talk about uncanny. I actually approached him and mentioned it and he said he’d heard it before but not for a lot of years.

River Song is actually a parent at my kids’ former primary school. True story. Trust me, she’s *nothing *like she’s portrayed in Doctor Who :wink:

In a city I recently lived in, there was a librarian who looked like Scarlett Johanssen. In the city before that, a supermarket checker looked like Martha Plimpton.

My step-daughter is named Jackie, and as a teenager, looked a lot like Jackie from That Seventies Show. The first time I met her, I told her dad, “Your daughter is a goddess.”

I also used to have a co-worker who was nicknamed Superman because of his resemblance to Christopher Reeve. We really should have called him Clark Kent because he wore glasses.

I had several (now-deceased) male relatives who could have been the role model for Archie Bunker - not in appearance, but in attitude.

Back when we had a boat, there was a guy at our marina who looked very much like Mike Nesmith of the Monkees.

One of college buddies looked just like Ralph Macchio in his Karate Kid role. It was uncanny.

I knew a Barney lookalike, too. I never mentioned it outloud, but in my head I’d hear the song “He’s got Barney Rubble eyes”.

Guy who used to live across the street was a dead ringer for Cliff Clavin. Not just looks, he had that same voice with a Boston accent, and he’d often wear a blue thermal jacket like the mailmen do.

One of my managers at my first job looked uncannily like Ned Flanders from The Simpsons.

Same yellow skin and flatness?

I went to school with a guy who looked like Cad Lackey. I used to work with a guy who looked like Adrian Monk.

Years ago I had a student who looked, and sometimes acted, like Beavis. More recently we had a student who could seamlessly transition from sounding like Butt-Head to sounding like the smartest kid in the school.