Fictional characters you have encountered

I know a woman who I swear is Nanny Ogg: lots of kids, embarrassingly frank about sex, friendly in a “don’t mess with me” way, dotes on her grandchildren, and very much the matriarch of her large brood.

When I was interviewed by the man who hired me, all I could think was, “Its Assistant Director Skinner!” He looks and behaves like that X-Files character. I always expect to see the Smoking Man in his office (which would be damn odd since Dr. Boss is a pediatric cardiologist).

Who have you run into?

While in the Army I could have sworn I met Frank Burns. A guy I had to work with had the same attitudes, same mannerisms even. Maybe not so comic though, because he was real. He put caps on the toes of his boots so they clicked when he walked. I couldn’t stand him.

One of the professors here is a dead ringer for David Letterman.
Can’t find a good picture, sorry, but take my word for it.

I dated Logan Echolls (from “Veronica Mars”) for two months last spring. Same voice, same looks, same mannerisms, same sense of humor, same…life sensibility. Different family (thank god!). :slight_smile: It was…pretty much what you’d expect dating Logan Echolls to be like – in fact, it was weird to watch the show while we were dating because the two boys dealt with and reacted to things in such similar fashions. (I’d think, “didn’t you tell me this already? …wait, that was Logan talking to Veronica. On my television. NEVER MIND!”)

When “Scrubs” first started airing, everyone in my high school band decided that the writers had secretly based Dr. Cox on our conductor. That was a great four years!

I’ve worked with Barney Rubble and Grandma Dinosaur.

I grew up in Astoria, Queens, and lived next door to Archie Bunker.

Seriously, Norman Lear didn’t need writers- all he had to do was set a tape recorder outside my next door neighbor’s house, and transcribe.

My very own Mother shared so many of Doris Roberts’ characteristics on Everybody Loves Raymond that it was difficult to watch it with her in the room. My siblings and I would look knowingly at one another, roll our eyes and stifle laughter… and then Mom would walk into the room and say, “I don’t know how you can even watch this show, if I had to deal with That Woman I would poison her!”

I was in a pizzeria in Parlin, NJ–Best pizza in my life, BTW–and most of the other diners there were archetypes: Fran Drescher’s nasal, whiny Nanny character, a fat mafioso in a warmup suit (The Sopranos), a bull-necked cop with a shaved head (Mackey from The Shield). If Piscopo’s Jersey Guy or the Amboy Dukes had walked in, I would not have been surprised.

One of my teachers in elementary school had some of us convinced that she actually was Ms. Frizzle (from the Magic School Bus). My class even had a pet lizard for a while.

I’m best friends with a variation of Willow Rosenberg (tho the gay part is still there, darn it!, because I am really into her).

My astronomy professor looks like a younger version of Baltar from the old BSG show. That said, he has yet to recline in a raised throne and laugh maniacally at us (no doubt, he’s saving that for finals)

One of my friends back in Texas was a dead ringer for the Numa Numa Guy, he’d even do the Numa Numa dance for anyone who asked.

Met a guy who was a dead ringer for Peter Griffin (Family Guy), down to the double chin, large stomach, face, glasses, etc. It was hard to look at him without snickering!

My Dad is the “mumbling stapler guy” from “Office Space.” So decided all my friends at my wedding.

When I was in middle school band there was a kid that looked exactly like Drew Carey would look as a middle schooler. He had a short blond buzzcut, black glasses, sort of shapeless physique, was a geek, and just looked exactly like him in the face.
Damnit on hindsight I guess Drew Carey really isn’t completely fictional. :smack:

I know a guy I’m pretty sure is Cassidy from Preacher. We used to go out. Not that he ever bite me. Or betrayed me.

I also went out with a guy I believe was Klingon. I can’t say he was Worf because he could have snapped Brian Dorf with two fingers. He on the other hand, did bite.

And when I had reason to visit the 9th precinct…the 15th, used in NYPD Blue, I swear I met Andy Sipowitz.

I used to work for Uriah Heep (Charles Dickens/ not David Byron), an insincere ass-kissing toady who even dated a member of upper management’s daughter. Unfortunately last I heard he’d never gotten his comeuppance and even married the daughter.

The Thenardiers rented my grandmother’s house when she was sent to a nursing home. In retrospect it was a good thing, but I’m quite glad we lost contact.

I had one “friend” in college (he decided I was the one who “understood” him and thus he liked me/I couldn’t stand him) who was spiritually Ignatius J. Reilly, except he looked like Sting. He had the arrogance, erudition, sloth, zealous notions, etc… Another classmate looked the part even to the ugly jacket but just didn’t have the odd charism to go all the way.

My father was an oddly effective perfect blend of Maurice from Bewitched mixed with Sheriff Hank Quinlan from A Touch of Evil. My sister is Suzanne Sugarbaker, and my grandmother had an alarming resemblance to Chief Dan George.

I know somebody who looks like the poor man’s version of Disney’s Aladdin, except he doesn’t have any sort of charisma or attractiveness and he’s kind of bumbling. Imagine Evil Aladdin, and you’ll be close.

My first boss in academia was a postmenopausal update on Laura from The Glass Menagerie. She had become a librarian but [if I’m lyin’ I’m dyin’] she was so phobic of people that she arranged two old portable chalkboards in her office so that she didn’t have to see people walking around outside of her window or her office. She was about 60 and dressed like a Catholic school girl (cardigans, plaid skirts, etc.) and attended mass and went to confession so often her own priest asked her to please tone it down. (“Dear, you don’t have to confess for getting mad at being rear ended by another car or for belching!”) Neurotic as all hell, but for some odd reason she really liked me. When I casually mentioned to co-workers that I was going over to her house for dinner one weekend they dropped their jaws with a “we’ve known her for twenty years and never been invited to so much as lunch!”

I sat in her outer office and used to formally announce people. “MR. EZRA SMITH… AND UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE”. It started as a joke. She LOVED it!
She had been married three times and had two of them annulled. She would drop, in this little demure voice, whoppers- “…oh, I think sometimes that if I hadn’t sailed around the world topless with that old man I met in Portugal I never would have had these problems”- and she was serious!

Anyway, she’s one of the few (so far) happy endings of such cases. Her father (who is a man WW2 buffs would know, incidentally) died, left her pots and pots of money, and she bought an RV and hired a driver. I still get emails from her once in a while.

My next boss in academia looked and sounded exactly like Anne Bancroft in every movie where Anne played an aging Jewish mother. (She wasn’t Jewish by religion but both of her parents were born Jewish.) Also a great person (and she swore like Anne Bancroft did in some movies as well).

Do people in music videos count? The two guys in Dire Straits’ “Money for Nothing” video–the ones who installed microwave ovens, etc.–also installed my new furnace in about 1987. They were, like, exact replicas of these cartoon characters, one short and square, the other skinny.

It was the skinny one who got the new furnace down the basement stairs, all by himself. Yep. He shoulda learned to play the guitar.

Did you perhaps mean Michael Dorn?