Doppler Obsession

Help me ! I am hooked on doppler radar images !! I have no screen saver at work, instead I have a continuously updating doppler radar of the region. What is wrong with me ? When I am at home I now know exactly when the local doppler will be on the “Weather Channel” and I check it every hour or so. Should I consult a doctor ? When I see a green blob of “rain” over my town I race outside to confirm its existence, then I revel in my superior doppler knowledge.


The only stranger thing to be addicted to would be this damned MB. Oh, wait . . .


Personally, I find Intellicast to be a much more useful weather site than TWC.

Been here so long he’s got to calling it Home.

If you are realy hot for doppler radar get a ham radio license and join your local SkyWarn group.
About once a year we get to goto the local National Weather Service office and get some real hands on time with the new toys.
It’s a blast to sit at the control panel and operate the system.
t lion AKA KC5LNN

t lion

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:: glances sideways :: scuffs foot lightly, trying to look casual instead of pathetic ::

How can I put a continuously updating doppler radar display in place of a screensaver on MY machine?

But I don’t want to pay the penalty.
I just want to go home.

If you found a bunch of people that looked like you and were all fascinated by radar images, you could call yourselves a dopplergang.

We went right out there and refused to do accoustical versions of the electrical songs that we had refused to record in the first place.

Nice work, The Lion. That’s what we call “enabling”. Can’t you see that the OP was a cry for help?

I bet you’re the kind of person who would tell a recovering alcoholic that the local liquor store is running a special on Night Train. :rolleyes:


Doppler effect?

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hahahaha that kicks ass!

Well, figuratively.

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Joe Cool

Psst…NothingMan…over here.

Looking for something a bit… stronger?

For a small fee, there’s the **hard]/b] stuff - real-time Doppler radar!

Ya know, I like you, NM. And just because you’re such a nice guy, the first one’s free! Just go to Mention my name and ask for Ernie.

(Actually, forget that last sentence. The rest is for real.)

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Mullinator, go sit in the hall.

Heck is where you go when you don’t believe in Gosh.

hey Neuro, it may not exactly be the best joke ever, but at least I was making an effort on that one.

We went right out there and refused to do accoustical versions of the electrical songs that we had refused to record in the first place.

Mully, it may not be the best joke ever, but it is one of the best. I am still laughing from reading it yesterday.