Dorian Gray Effect

What exactly is the “Dorian Gray” and “Attractiveness Halo” effect? I know they have something to do with the idea that attractive people tend to be treated as attractive and so continue acting and looking attractive. A bit of a self-fulfilling prophecy. But what exactly does each term mean?

Watch the film ‘The Picture of Dorian Gray’.

Might help some.

Dorian Gray stays youthful while his aging is transferred to a portrait of him hidden upstairs.

There’s more to it though, as all Grays evil and malevolance showed up in the painting as well.

At the end of the film the painting looked quite a sight, with all his age and evil represented in it.

The “attractiveness halo” is the effect that makes someone who is attractive seem good in every way…smart, kind, popular, etc. Sort of like their beauty radiates and colors all their other traits.


– from this source (PDF format).