Double-paned window cloudiness

All the windows in my house are double-paned. Lately, three of them have become cloudy (possibly due to condensation, but it’s hard to tell).

Is there any fix for this?


Yes. The glass can be pulled and resealed in some cases, unless the glass is charged with a special gas for insulation or the mfgring process is too complex for on-site repair.

See if a local reatiler of that window can get you someone to reseal the glass.

By the time you take the window out of the building, you might as well replace it, rather than expend labor on a repair attempt.

Of course, if it’s a readily removed piece, such as a slider (most just lift out of the track) it may be possible to get a replacement panel without having to remove the whole thing.

You might not want to wash the windows in the meantime. We had ours professionally cleaned recently, and we discovered five more panels with haze in them. :sad: We thought they were just dirty…

I’ve not seen anyone around here even attempt to disassemble a panel - usually they’re filled with argon rather than air.

Unfixable hazing due to off-gassing has been a frequent problem in the window industry. There have been some lawsuits. Check to see if there is/was a lawsuit involving the maker of your windows.

(I have taken apart a couple of my windows and found the hazing totally unremovable.)

Same here. And it was a huge window. Dangerous and a pain in the ass.

What a disapointment that was.

In some cases, as I said, there is hope. I had two panes replaced at 50 bucks per. They actually decided to switch the glass and start anew for a fresh seal.

As I said, with gas for insulation between panes and complex mfgring, you might not be one of those lucky ‘some’ people.

If you’re aware of the manufacturer, replacement IGU (insulated glass units) can be ordered in advance to minimize the turnaround time. Otherwise, any glass shop can custom order a replacement IGU and install it in the sash, provided it’s a removable sash. Fixed sashes and picture lites will drive the repair cost up.