Double Post

I couldn’t seem to find the answer in the stickies. Do I post here if I make a double post or should I email a mod? I tried to send a message but it said it was disabled.

I made one here

Thank you

If you can work out how to do it, email a mod. Otherwise, the best course is just to let it stay (everyone will know what’s happened). If you’re totally desperate, ask in the thread, or get someone else to report it - since you can’t report your own thread.

Look for the small Red Triangle on the upper right hand side of the post above or below your post. The Post Number is also there. Click the Red Button and use it to call for the attention of a mod. You will not see this button on your posts, but you do on others.

BTW: Welcome to the Dope. Maybe you can make the next NJ Dopefest.


Thanks for the help and thanks Jim! They do sound like fun!