I Started a Message Board (No, this is not schism from the Dope.)

Seriously, I was thinking that my board could be like a sister board to the Dope. Twin boards, if you will. I remain a loyal Doper (I’m on here every day and that will not change). All Dopers are invited to join. Here’s the URL.

Hm. This can end badly.


Who’s been on it? I see a few guests.

It could end badly if you didn’t ask before doing this and get an ok.

They require that you don’t use their name and likeness in anyway.

There is at least one already out there.

Someone will be along to fill you in.

Oh, if anything has gone wrong, I am sorry. Who should I ask about this?

Tubadiva would be your best bet.

Do I email her? Post it in About This Message Board? What? And, Harmonious Discord, one what?

You could do both. Email would prob’ly get her attention faster but a thread in ATMB would cover your bases, as it were. And I think Harmonious Discord meant that there is already sister board of sorts. (NADS, maybe?) He was being encouraging.

You should email her. (Don’t be surprised if this thread is locked until there is a resolution.)

‘One’ refers to, I believe, Opal’s message board, which is pretty much a ‘sister board’ to the SDMB.

I just sent the email.

Yes Opal’s board, but I couldn’t find the link.

Yeah, what others have said: we usually don’t mind members annoucing the creation of their own message boards (I did the same a few years back, as have a number of others), but we do want you to ask permission first, please.

I’ve closed the thread for now, but if word comes from up high that the thread can go on, we’ll unlock it and let it go on its merry way.

From the Registration Agreement:

Captain Socks has asked for and received permission, so I’m re-opening this thread.

Have fun!

Woo Hoo! By the way, if you want the link to the board, it’s in my profile. That would be better than just flat-out posting it in this thread.

Dude! Another spin-off board! There are at least 5 that I know of (and belong to.)

I’ve registered. I think I’m the 6th member, which is the earliest I’ve manage to register to one of these spin-off boards!

It’s down at the moment anyway :confused:

Hoping to have it back up on a different server by the end of the week. Cross your fingers.

I literally crossed my fingers after reading that (had to uncross them to touch-type this, though). I miss the FFF!