"Mirror-Posting" To G'Dope?

Well, not in the strictest sense of the word, I suppose, but I have posted questions/comments on G’Dope that I have posted here. They were always re-worded, however.

The Loaded Dog and Icewolf state they have no probs with this, but suggested I bring it to your attention for a ruling on the matter.

I will of course abide by your decision, TubaDiva.



Although it has no bearing whatsover on how the SDMB and the SDMB Staff feel about it on this Board, I will post what I have on my Board from my Rules as an example of how we handle it:

Just my 2p.

What she said. That’s a fine answer, Una.

Just testing the quote button thingy… disregard…

Quasi, I too think Una’s answer makes a lot of sense.

As I said to you earlier, I’m not particularly fussed if you post something on G’Dope which is similar to an OP you’ve made over here. Of course, you might like to do what many G’Dopers do, and simply start an SDMB thread, and post a simple link OP to it on G’Dope (this’ll save you a lot of typing, too). The only thing I suggest you don’t do is post on G’Dope and link to it here (everyone over there reads the SDMB, but not vice versa naturally enough, so it’d be unnecessary strain on this board’s hamsters).

You’ve got your head screwed on the right way Quasi. Just use your discretion.