Poll: Using this message board.

This is a poll to see if you use the Straight Dope Message Board. If you do use it type yes, if you dont use it type no. I will start it out.

Use it for what? I would think anyone who replies would be in the ‘yes’ category.

Isn’t that like asking “Do you still beat your dog?”
If I didn’t use it then you would get no response. Duh!

This thread is really, really stupid.

I thought you were leaving the SDMB. Maybe I’m thinking of someone else, though…

You’re not, JuanitaTech. Nomadic_One claimed to be leaving because s/he found it impossible to convert any of the heathens around here.

No, I do not use the SDMB. In fact, I have never even heard of it, and have no idea to what it is that you are referring.

Nope, he/she was the one that started this thread saying the he/she was leaving. I guess once an attention whore always an attention whore.

Oh duh! I just read the question. I did not see the link from Nomadic_One until the second time of reading the message.

Just was wondering why you are preaching in this forum. Doesn’t it belong in Great Debates? And also if something offends your brother you are not supposed to continue doing it (the Bible says so) Many people have said you are offending them. So STOP.

I wouldn’t say that I ‘use’ the SDMB; it’s more like a mutually satisfying relationship, more symbiotic than parasitic. But then, I must admit, I never asked SDMB if s/he felt ‘used’. Am I a bad person?

No, I do not “use” the SDMB, nor does the SDMB use me. We have a mutually beneficial relationship based on trust, caring, and understanding.

Curse you, Pablito!


[voice of that mean kid in ‘The Simpsons’]
Ha, ha!
[/voice of that mean kid in ‘The Simpsons’]
As they say, Crazy Monkey “great minds . . .”

I’m using this thread for post count padding. Does that count?


I use it…
just like toilet paper.

I am new to this forum and don’t want to come off as being “negative”, so I was glad to see that someone else had already posted my first reaction to this thread.

Thanks!! :wink:

I use it to avoid doing any actual work at work. Usually, I go into the really interesting threads, so it looks like I’m concentrating on something important, thinking it through. I made an exception in this case.

Yes, I do use the SDMB. But I can quit anytime I want. Really.

I’m using this thread.