What's the deal with all the SDMB communities?

I’ve just been doing a bit of poking around on the internet and I’ve found some SDMB communities that seem pretty vile…this one in particular. Is this something that most Dopers approve of? What do the mods and admins think of it?

As far as I know none of those communities have any official sanction or anything from the SDMB or Reader staff.

Some of the LiveJournal anonymous communites do get pretty vicious, and I wouldn’t worry too much about them - a lot of it is bad-apple underbridge vacationing. There exist other, more tame SDMB-satellite sites, like www.teemingmillions.com, which I understand has even won a compliment from Cecil.

Some of those are inhabited primarily by people who were banned from the Official Straight Dope Boards for misbehaviour. They thus form their own anti-board of malcontents. They’re people who couldn’t play by the rules, usually after repeated warnings. Thus, you would expect their boards to be full of jerks, and so they are. They are only “communities” in the sense that they are bound together by common hatred and desire for childish revenge by venting spleen.

I know that some members and moderators peek in and even participate, I do not. Life is way too short to spend time with jerks who couldn’t play nice.

Wow, I had no idea this stuff existed. I think I’ll go back to continuing to ignore it.

Actually, neuroman, you weren’t ignoring it before, so you can’t go back to ignoring it. You may, however, freely start ignoring it.

Opalcat maintains a very nice community on Live Journal. When the boards went down last week, that’s how I was able to find out what was going on. That was super cool to find, and even though I thanked her there, I’ll do so again here.

Thanks Opal!

Which moderators participate?

I too was ignorant of this. Now I too will ignore it.

(Couldn’t resist.) :smiley:

Yes, sorry, I didn’t mean to lump all of them under the Ugly category. Opal’s and teemings are in a much higher class, and I did not intend to include them in the “some” that I was talking about.

Although a few of our malcontents have turned up on FFF.

I thought about this at the time but I liked the look of the words. What can I say, I should know better.

And now, having been interrupted by you, I will go back to continuing to ignore it. :smiley: