There are Web sites dedicated to discussing the SDMB?

In another thread:

Let me get this straight; you’re saying this guy runs a Web site dedicated to commentary about a message board?

You’re kidding, right? This cannot happen. Nobody could be enough of a loser to ron a commentary board about the toons on a commentary board. Even the worst basement nerd has better things to do. What’s next, an online game in which you manage little geeks who play online games?

Yes, there’s websites where the whole discussion is about how much of a waste of time the SDMB is, and how they’re all amazed that anybody bothers with it any more. I don’t think many of them have realised the irony of their situation.

I can only assume you meant this for the pit and made a horrible error.

I agree. Now excuse me while I go to another site and discuss what a total tool you are.

::points finger::


::runs away::

Betchya didn’t expect that to happen. :cool:
damn coding

Actually, yes. Hopefully a moderator will move it.

Hey that actually sounds more fun than the lumberjack/berry-picker stimulators like WoW and EQ2 .

I’m actually betting a moderator will close it.

Yes, there are a couple of other message boards devoted to the discussion of this message board. If you’d like to discuss them, please come on over to the message board I have established for that purpose. That’s where the real action is these days.

So you posted on this board to discuss what’s going on on that board which was started to discuss what was going on on this board…

I feel dizzy.

And no doubt they are now discussing on that board that we are discussing on this board that they are discussing on that board what we discuss on this board. :stuck_out_tongue:

How do you stimulate a berry-picking lumberjack, or do I just not want to know?

I don’t see what’s so strange about discusing a message board else where. I discuss it with my friends and we send each other links to the interesting conversations. In chat, we discuss various threads, posters, etc. If I didn’t have these other places to talk about it, then I probably would have long ago lost interest.

I think I am going to be sick…

Someone stop the ride!

I just noticed your join date 'Mika. I may be mistaken but I thought I was here when you arrived.

DRE mean anything to you?

Sometimes my Sims play computer games and chat online. You got a problem with that?

She started out as Elenia28, if that helps any.

There are some people who post on the other boards who want to make comments on things they see here that they can’t make here because (a) the comments aren’t welcome, (b) the way they want to word the comments is unwelcome, or (c) the posters aren’t welcome.

deep breath I joined way back when as Elenia25 and then proceeded to diligently ignore the SDMB for the next couple of years,. Early 2004 I noticed it again and became an active participant. Joined as Elenia28. Finally in July I paid my subscription under Elenia28. Th[en I became aware of the board culture and asked TubaDiva to kill both usernames and make me Anaamika.

breathes again

But now we are discussing that they are discussing…

It’ll make a nice sequential thread next to this one.

Well, it took about twelve minutes for a link to this thread to show up on ‘another board’.