thread and posting questions

I tried starting a new thread and was told a moderator had to review it. How long does this take? Will all my threads and posts need moderation?

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The thread got flagged as potential spam. Also, it was more apporpriate for IMHO. When you start such a thread, please quote from the link a small snippet of what you wish to discuss as link dropping without an excerpt isn’t that helpful.

Go ahead and post it (suggested changes included) in IMHO.

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I approved your post, and also moved it to our IMHO forum.

As Bone said, your post was flagged by our system as possible spam. Since it has been approved, you shouldn’t need moderator approval on any other posts going forward.

However, I’m wondering why it’s more appropriate for IMHO.

It’s because it was opinion seeking, rather than debate. No harm, no foul.

There’s not much substance for a debate in the post as it is written. It’s just asking for opinions about two particular examples. It’s more of an informal poll than a debate.

Having your post moved isn’t a big deal. We move posts all the time, even from folks who have been here for years. We don’t want you to feel like you’ve done anything wrong. Once you’ve been here for a while you’ll have a better idea of what types of posts go where.

ETA: Bone’s post wasn’t there when I started typing (damn ninjas).

I, for one, continue to welcome our ninja overlords.

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Thanks all!