Why Do People Comment On Which Forum The Thread Should Be In?

Why is it that so many people here feel that they need to state their opinions about which forum a thread should have been placed in before they respond to the OP, if they answer it at all?

It seems to me like there’s a lot of overlap as to which forum a thread could be placed, and that reasonable people could have different opinions about which forum is the ‘correct’ one for a particular thread.

Unless you’re a moderator, why should the forum the thread is placed in matter to you? Why do you care??


Isn’t this a poll? Shouldn’t it be in IMHO?

In re: your OP, because we’re really bored at work.

I think this one is a complaint and belongs in the pit.

They are just trying to help; this place is a community, of sorts.

Well, if someone explains why the thread should be moved, then it saves the moderators a little bit of time. In my experience, by the time the moderators get there, if it’s clear why it needs to be moved, they’ll just say, “I’m moving this thread,” and not, “I’m moving this thread and here’s why…” Now, I think that if someone says the thread will probably be moved, and then it’s not, they should think twice about making such claims in the future, since it probably confuses things. If they do that sort of thing consistently, they really should knock it off. IMHO.

Unless you’re talking about threads in MPSIMS or IMHO, there’s not really that much of an overlap of opinion as to which forum is best for a thread.

If I do see a thread started in the wrong forum, I’ll offer my opinion, then usually answer the question or whatever. I agree that posts simply saying “Oh, this should be in Great Debates” or whatever are annoying.

Whenever I get the urge to make one of those posts I hit the “report this post to a moderator” link and say it there.

I agree that such posts are annoying and agree with Melandry on how the matter should be handled.

My “classic / Cecil-worthy” Straight Dope questions slip off the first page of General Questions so quickly, only to be replaced with “Why can’t I install Adobe Power Lift v10.3” ? and “Does anybody know of a good Irish Bar in Boston?” .

I can’t define what makes a “classic” Straight Dope question, but I know when I see one! And the SDMB is getting cluttered with non-Cecil worthy questions!!!

“about which forum a thread should have been placed in”

Sometimes I do that hoping the OP would visit the correct forum & read or search it to find their exact topic mentioned 5x or more already :slight_smile:

I do it occasionally in case the OP is inexperienced and can’t find their thread the next day. If I can prevent one “Where’s my thread?” thread, it will have been worth it.

I’d like to hear the mods’ opinions about this.

My opinion - don’t do it to excess but if it’s obvious that a thread is in the wrong forum then a reminder about the proper forum is not that offensive.

My advice to SDMB posters - don’t be overly touchy and irritable.

Hey mister, don’t be telling ME how to act.