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That thread was originially in ATMB. I tell the person that a question such as that is factual in nature and should go in GQ(Yeah, it’s more an opinion thing, so it’s more a IMHO thread). Firstly, why is it in MPISMS?, secondly, who moved it? It shows no “This post has been moved” or mention from mod.

I don’t think it needed an explanation. Does it really matter to you who moved it, or would you just like to know that it wasn’t some preternatural thread-moving force?

The thing that got me is the fact it didn’t say “Moved”, which all moved threads I’ve seen before had.

I didn’t move that one, but I’ve moved many threads without posting in the thread that it was moved or even why it was moved.

I think Aslan means in the forum listing. When a thread has been moved, there’s a big ol’ arrow pointing to the right with “Moved” next to it.

Ah yes I see now. I agree. Weird. Also, the first reply to that thread seems to be responding to… something else. I thought that was weird too.

In addition to deleting a post, there are three options for moving one, one of which has a double application.

First, we all know that there’s a secret repository where all the truly obnoxious threads go, available only to Moderators and Administrators.

Second, when one moves a thread in vBB, one chooses between three options:
[ul][li]Move this thread to another forum[/li][li]Move this thread to another forum and leave a “redirect”[/li][li]Copy this thread to another forum[/ul][/li]
For obvious reasons when one considers this board, the last option is never used here. Generally, a Mod. uses the second option, leaving a “redirect” I have the thread menu for Great Debates open in another window, and I see a => Moved: biased news? listing there; that’s an example of a “redirect.” Clicking on the underscored biased news? will hyperlink you to that thread in its new home. I suspect it’s totally a matter of moderator judgment – if a thread has 0 responses and 2 views, it probably gets moved without a redirect; if by the time the Mods. decide it deserves moving it has 23 responses and 341 views, there are going to be enough people wondering where it went to, to justify a redirect.

'Zat helpful?

From the repository of declassified information:

And Polycarp has hit upon the reason you see no “redirect.”