The Straight Dope Message Board Appreciation Thread

What do you love about this message board?

  1. The (for the most part) well thought out and formulated postings. Most of the members seem to take care with their writing.
  2. The interesting people. Even the postings from the most obnoxious are generally good reading.
  3. Uh, no. I am not going to do what you think I might do here. *****
  4. For me, in particular, this is a good place to have “conversations” with English speaking people. I like living here in Germany, but I worry sometimes that my English skills might deteriorate without practice.
  5. The colorful epithets that get hurled about down in the Pit. Can you say “Asshammer?” Thanks, Jarbaby.
  6. The humorous threads.
  7. The serious threads.
  8. The way the members slap down trollish behavior.
  9. The restraint in the General questions section. It is wonderful to read through factual answers that (mostly) don’t degenerate into arguments - and even if they do, the participants mostly move over to Great Debates or the Pit to duke it out.

I really like this place. It’s kind of like being at a big, permanent, party with intelligent people.

I’m sure this has been done before. Now, it has been done again.

*** >^,^< **

Great thread! I agree with all your points. I usually spend my time here in MPSIMS, but I agree. Especially with the part about a nonstop party with intelligent people.:smiley:

I love SDMB because it made me realize that there are other things to do while on the internet then surf for porn and cybersex. For instance, I learned about the naked news here, the pussy snorkel, and all of your sexual fantasies! VIVA LA FREE PORN PROVIDED BY SDMB!!!

pezpunk, that would be erotica. Porn is so lowbrow and pedestrian. Here, on the Boards, while it may be a touch voyeuristic, it is also erudite and enlightening.

  1. Meeting all the Dopers at DopeFest.
  2. Learning. Learning. Learning.
  3. And in that vein, voyeurism. Good lord, y’alls a wild bunch and this here little gal’s learned a heck of a lot from ya. :eek: and :smiley:
  4. Being able to get all sorts of different viewpoints on hot, obscure or unusual topics.

Numbers 1 and 2. The community. Feeling like a part of it.

Thanks, one and all. :slight_smile:

Um, do I know you? :smiley:

All of the above. Thank you SDMB !