Why I like the SDMB

There have been a lot of complaints flying around… how about some positive feedback? I like it out here because I find funny posts that literally make me spew out what ever I have in my mouth at the time (insert dirty joke here). I’ve laughed out more coffee and water onto this keyboard in three months than I have in over five years on the net.

I also find viewpoints so different from mine that they give me pause for thought. I get to see something from someone else’s side. It opens my mind.

I get to fight, verbally, with people about things that I really care about. I end up with a clearer picture of myself and others. Sometimes I change their mind, sometimes they change mine. Sometimes we both walk away agreeing to disagree.

I get to share things that I’m uncomfortable discussing with my “real life” friends and family. You are just as real to me but there is a difference discussing things with you.

All in all, I have a great time out here and will keep posting. What about you? And remember kids, this is just things you LIKE. There is another thread for things you don’t.


Yeah. What she said.

Oh, and I like keeping up with the status of Satans ass…I can’t sleep without knowing what’s going on there…
:slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

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Well Zette, I’ve vowed to leave his ass alone. After my major faux pas I’ve decided to just leave him alone for a while! But he’s one of the reasons I like this board. So are you. So is TennHippie.

Really? The same keyboard? I find one good coffee snortlaugh can send ya’ down to OfficeXXXX for another 29.95 special; or, just keep the bevs away from the hardware.

I get more than a rare chance to 'splain something here but I don’t pick up on all of them. It does help me keep doing the grey matter calisthenics, but it’s also become my wisecrack world, and that’s not necessarily good - to become a cyber folk when there’s all kinds of real people to pick up on.


Either Byzantine pretty much summed it up for me, or tonight just isn’t my night for originality. Either way, what she said.

God is dead. -Nietzsche
Nietzsche is dead. -God
Neitzsche is God. -Dead

Ok, some real honest-to-goodness reasons:

(1) Most people put some decent thought into trying to answer your questions. I’ve had people go through a little bit of work to find answers for me and it’s cool to know they do so.

(2) Lots of informative reading. Granted, sometimes someone could have looked up some info in the encyclopedia or on the web, but when they ask here, it lets everyone else learn something as well.

(3) Friendly chatter in MPSIMS. I know that GQ is why this site is here, but when you’re not burning with the quest for knowledge, it’s nice to kick back and chat. And the administration gave us a place to do it.

(4) Friendly folks. With very few exceptions, everyone here is pretty cool. Most “fights” blow over quickly, and are kept out of non-Pit places.

(5) Booze, booze and more booze. I’m going to meet the chicago folk and get drunk off my proverbial ass :slight_smile:

“I guess it is possible for one person to make a difference, although most of the time they probably shouldn’t.”

I think Jophiel understands. Do I?

gimme a M… M
gimme a P… P
gimme a SIMS… SIMS

What’s that spell? MPSIMS!

If it weren’t for a place to put my vast knowlege of useless crap I would’ve left this board a long time ago.

And where else can I get some one whom I’ve never met, never seen a picture of, never said one spoken word to, to tell me they want to have sex with me? (I sure do miss KelliBelli!)

“I’m not dumb. I just have a command of thoroughly useless information.”-- Calvin and Hobbes
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People in here have such great senses of humour… they are friendly and that Guys thread has been killing me for days!!!

Its nice to be able to come here and relax and just enjoy what people are posting. Keep up the great work everyone!!

“Friends are angels who lift us to our feet when our wings have trouble remembering how to fly.”

I love the diversity of the crowd, and I like the fact that many within the crowd are nothing short of brilliant. I am new here, and this is the first MB I have ever participated in, but no one has struck me down… yet!

My only problem? I do believe I am already addicted. My husband is convinced that I am online, shopping for a new man or something.


I just have fun with it. I’ve never seen a board with so many cool people in it.

I spend most of my time here in MPSIMS, because I like to blow off steam.

I actually like the moderators: I used to post to an unrestricted board, and it was chaos: Spam, trolls, and wall to wall assholes. It’s simply more civil in here.

I love meeting the people from all over the world in here. It’s great to come across so many viewpoints, cultures, and lifestyles.

It’s a lesson in humility to not be the smartest person in the room (or even close ;))

You say “cheesy” like that’s a BAD thing.

Simple. I laugh my ass off. I get the occasional odd look from my coworkers but hell, I get them anyway no matter what I do. :wink:

What Byzantine said. God/Buddha, do I hate ditto-ing someone else’s words for fear of sounding like a brainless parrott, but when they have written it more eloquently that I could, then the credit is due.

I’ve tried to find other places to lurk on the net. I’ve dipped into chat rooms (when on AOL) and found every one there to be either a 14 year old spaztic weasel with atrocious (Atroyshuss) spelling or a brain-dead mommy who hasn’t had an original thought in her life. If it were not for this place, I would end up selling tupperware/Longeberger baskets/Marykay/Candles/Crapola just to have some mental interaction with other people.
( ok…in retrospect, I know I would NEVER do that, and if I did, kindly shoot me in the head.)

This place is the only one I’ve found so far that people from such a wide and varied back ground can (at times) intelligently ramble, argue, or, most importantly, cause someone they’ve never met to spew their drink all over the computer.

I have learned more about religion here than 12 years of catholic schooling. I have found, after a life time of looking for people who were like me
( rambling,clueless, but humorous skeptics)people who challenge not for the sake of argument ( Ok, maybe we do), but for the sake of learning more about just WHY another person believes something so devotedly and without question. And it confirms my beleives ( whatever they are) that religious tolerance is one of the greatest oxymorons of the century. ( Let’s just go back to war and fight each other over who loves their God more. It’s easier than being PC.)
I love lurking in the Great Debates area and hope to one day have enough true gray matter to join and intelligent discussion on some cerebral subject there, but I know Phil will crush me and that is OK, I will save myself through the Flat Stanley defense.

MPSIMS is also cheaper than therapy and it is a great place for someone to ask if they are on the right track or what should they do about something. Buddha/Jehovah knows that the dopers just love giving advice ( Raising Hand here) of just how WE would handle it. It’s like being surrounded by a bunch of great aunts and uncles, only without the old people smell.

Yeah. What everybody else said.

I mean, where else can I go get good, hard data about religion/MST3K/physics/bad drivers, and then, with the click of a mouse, go right to the eternal conga line that is MPSIMS?

I love this place!

Yeah, I agree, too. This is sort of like what the (rare) clever sitcoms suggest that a workplace or hanging out with friends can be like – but never actually is. I work with dopes and jerks. My friends share my taste in music but aren’t too sharp otherwise. When I am around my relatives or other intelligent enough people, they don’t feel like dazzling me with witticisms. The SDMB reassures me that intelligent, funny people exist in the world. (My girlfriend is super but she’s just one person.)

I like SDMB because:

(1) I like Cecil, and there are a ton of Cecil wannabe’s - as in, folks who are intelligent, will not take shit, and are amusing whilest being this way. None of them will admit they’re wrong either, but let he who is without sin… :slight_smile:

(2) I’ve learned things.

(3) It beats working.

Yer pal,

Okay, no originality at all, but all of the points mentioned above. I had largely given up on online “communities” until I found nerve enought to join this place. The people are funny, opinionated, bright and thoughtful. Boring, it’s not.

Plus I’ve learned a lot. Some of the discussions have given me real mental tussles. And I’ve “met” some really great, interesting, distinctive people.

Besides, SDMG has taught me:

  • to clean my dishwasher with Tang
  • to save a mint on drycleaning w/ Dryel
  • a lot about computer stuff, much of which I haven’t applied yet, but hey…
  • to have my dog microchipped (Thanks, Michelle!)
  • how to make killer crab dip, Vidalia onion pie, and of course BluePony’s pie w/ dark beer and bourbon.

But mostly it’s the people.
Awwwww, you guys…


I’ve learned a lot since joining, but by far the most important thing I’ve learned is that I’m not as smart as I thought I was.

There’s a lot of very sharp people here.

This space for rent.

I think you guys are pretty cool. I’ve been enlightened and entertained here. Who needs therapy?