Straight Dope Message Board Appreciation Thread

God (or whatever deity you choose to believe in, or refuse to believe in) bless you all. I’ve been on the boards for two years now, but I’m only closing in on 300 posts. Still, I visit most days, and always enjoy my time here.

Let’s express our appreciation for the boards. Thank you for the reduction of my ignorance. Thank you for the fun. Thank you for the loss in valuable work time as I browse the SDMB;) .

The mods here are great (Eutychus is SO jealous of my uber-cool tattoo). The posters here are great. The trolls here are dealt with swiftly.

And how about all y’all?

This place is a lot better than I thought it was going to be when I first got here (taking a year off from it helped, too). I enjoy it immensely, and there are many on here who have provided posts both entertaining and educational for me.

I especially want to thank all of those who frequent the General Questions forum, for those people spend a lot of time researching and answering questions posted in there. Excellent dedication.

I get my good & intelligent company here at the SDMB.

I get all the d*ckheads I need at work! :smiley:

It certainly is something new in human history. Where else, and how else, could so many different kinds of people meet and converse? men, women. Straight, gay, bi, trans. Old, young. Poor, rich. Atheist, all kinds of religions. Liberal, conservative. People from all over the world. College kids, businesspeople, housewives, military types, writers, temp workers.

I do have to take a break now and again, and I have had some unfortunate run-ins with a handful of Dopers (though I’ve made friends of many more). If I lose my current job (not at all unlikely), the thing I’ll miss most (after my paycheck) is access to the SDMB.

This site has really helped me improve my relationship with my son and how he will progress in life. Also, this site has opened my eyes to the world and how other people have experienced different things from me (man, that sounded corny)

I also took a break from the board for about nine months… then decided I’d be crazy not to return to the wayward search for ultimate truths.

Every day a novel experience – scratching deep enough among the posts – with direction and kindly misdirection from all. A city on a hillock!

I like the personalized birthday cakes from Cecil. He’s a master with butter cream frosting.

I also take breaks for a while. It’s fun to go away and come back and see what has happened.

Mullinator: I heard that also. Where is Cece anyway?

Without the SDMB my house’d be clean and the kids’d be well minded and my husband might get laid. Thank you for saving me from my sadly domestic life.

Take a break from the SDMB?!

I’m sorry, but I don’t understand that concept.

I’ll periodically take a break from the intellectual slugfests in GD, but there’s no way I could give up the SDMB entirely.

This place is truly wonderful. As Eve said, we get people from all points of view and walks of life here - but we get all the intelligent, skeptical people from all those faiths (or lack thereof), sexual orientations, political parties, etc.

As I understand it, this is a rarity. From what I hear, most Internet message boards are based on a common interest, activity, political philosophy, or whatever - so the people are there because they already agree on something of major importance to them. What fun is that? Here, we’ll argue over anything that’s arguable; there’s nothing that we all agree on that can’t flat-out be proven. And then we’ll get together at a Dopefest with the same people we’ve been arguing with in the Pit, and down some beers together.

You loons are wonderful. I don’t know what I’d do without you all.

I really really do

What tattoo?

See, it’s just so cool, you are suppressing the memory of hearing about it.

I spend way too much time lurking here, I should post more.

God (or whatever deity you choose to believe in, or refuse to believe in) bless you all.

I’d like to second that if I may :). I truly enjoy the time I’ve spent here and have learned so much about myself and well, things I didn’t know about. I believe the memories will last a lifetime and I’m thankful there’s a place like this where we can touch each other’s life, if only for a “cyberspace instant”. ::wipes away tear::

~sigh~ addiction, is that a sin?

Love You SDMB :smiley:

five time champ, I think you should begin a thread describing your Jeaopardy! adventures.

and to think i logged in today wondering whether i should start a similar thread…

i so love the board. the people, the genius, the wit, and the stupidity, will never cease to amaze me.

thank you all for being a part of my SDMB experience. thank you for contributing. thank you for reading. thank you, even, for lurking.

since we’re talking about how it all started, i found a link to the Straight Dope website from

i have never ever been bored on the 'net since.

i discovered the board through a threadspotting thread on the SD homepage that had something to do with an evil bitch teddy bear world tour.

oh ya, i’ll be here all week…

make that all my life…

thank you and keep the faith.

I can inhabit this space like a ghost in the walls for days and months and years, gliding from forum to forum. I can know people, to a certain small degree, who have never had an inkling of me, and I can agree with them, disagree with them, admire them without actually ever having to say so. I can take their words to heart and make them my faceless heroes, people I don’t know whose words come back to me sometimes in the middle of the day…and then , unexpectedly one day, I may be able to visit the Pit and see one of my heroes figuratively fart themselves clean off the pedestal I’ve made for them. And lots of times I like them more for it.

…Anyway, imagine the tree, and consider this a present… This board rocks.

Happy to be a contributor! :stuck_out_tongue:

SDMB = :cool: