double translations

What does “Water Loops” mean? As in:
“The recycling of idustrial water consists of the re-use of process water and wastewater and the management of the complete process water loops.”

I am helping my Thai friend translate. I often do this, however this 10 page assignment that she got looks like it was translated into English form some other laungage and now she has to translater it into Thai.


The common term is water cycle

Actually, I’ve just found out Water Loops is a term by itself. Just a way to say water can return to a point in a closed system. Final rinse water at the carwash can re-enter the system as (slightly soapy) initial rinse water, and initial rinse water can be used with soap added for the suds spray. So clean water loops through the system and sprays the car 3 times before being sent to the sewer.

Thanks. My research found something like that, but I was not sure if water can be recycled(cleaned) during this and have it still called a water loop. I found no actual deffinition, but several search hits led to be think like u explained. However some used the word recycle. Now “re-cycle” I think could mean just that, to “re” “cycle” the water. However, “recycle” ususally implies to filter, clean, or otherwise restore to a previously usable state. Your thought?