Double wall oven

I am replacing a double wall oven. Are there any tricks that would allow one person to remove it? I need to modify the opening before the new one is delivered.

Unless you’ve got an antigrav generator up your sleeve, I wouldn’t recommend it. Those are quite heavy and cumbersome. I recommend bribing a local friend with beer and pizza.

Right. But I am thinking humans built the pyramids, and stonehenge, and the coral castle. So moving a double wall oven should not be difficult if you sat and thought about it. I just figured that I was not smart enough.

If you have access to all the tools and supplies the pyramid builders had, it shouldn’t be too hard to cobble together a platform at the correct height to allow you to slide it out of the wall, and onto the platform.

I kept reading that as double-wall oven and thinking, “Aren’t they all?” <scratch, scratch>.

A DOUBLE wall oven, though. Gotcha. When I replaced my single (but heavy) oven, I had a sturdy rolling butcher block that was just the right height, with a thick strapping of cardboard on top, to pull the oven out onto and roll away. Do you have anything like that - tool rollaway, butcher block, rollling cabinet - of sufficient stability and sturdiness?

I’d recommend one or two sturdy friends, though, as the best solution. I know I have a hard time rounding them up when needed.

I wonder how much weight and ironing board can hold. They are infinitely adjustable in the vertical plane.

Probably nowhere near enough and a collapse would be catastrophic.

(Completely off the topic, but how does a charter member have a join date of late 2002?)

I installed one this way, and kicking my (now) ex-wife hard in the leg in the process. Basically I had 2x4’s that I could rock the oven and insert another one, then repeat it on the other side. Once high enough I was able to slide it in place. Leading up to this she convinced me not to ‘bother’ people who have offered to help.

Yes I felt like raising a pyramid block, and yes it can be done this way and I assume can be reversed, but the better answer is getting rid of anyone in your life who would even hint of doing it yourself - they are not helping, they are only hurting you, even if they don’t know that.

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Right, but wasn’t that considerably before December 2002? Or is that an amnesty date?

My records indicate 2004 was my first payment. This jibes with someone else in a current thread noting that this year is 10 years since it started.