Dougie_monty is an immoral cultist

A Brit tabloid ran an article about him converting, but it was unsubstantiated bullshit.

His brother, Jermaine, converted some time ago.

I can’t remember which post I read it in, and I can’t be bothered to look for it, but I think he’s in his 60s.

He wasn’t.

I turned 65 this June.

Unquestionably reprehensible.

As I see it, if he so much as busted her cherry she was hurt. Or can’t you take her parents’ concern into consideration?

which part?

Is that how you get your exercise? Jumping to conclusions?

So…shunning him his entire social circle and throwing him out of the house at 16 is an appropriate response?

Don’t put words in my mouth. I probably have more experience with drunkenness than you do–my father, my stepfather, my former brother-in-law. And on the day of my high school graduation, one guy was moved into the line about to go out onto the field to "Pomp and “Circumstance”–and he was obviously drunk. Did I have the impulse to go knock him down? No; I knew he would walk across the platform, and make a fool of himself without me making a move. (He was one of a group of kids who had been ragging me for years. ) I never saw him again.
As for the girl, you may notice that I said I agreed with you there… by all means contact the police, and a lawyer if feasible; what the parents’ relationship with her would be should depend on whether
It was consensual.

Puppies of course. They are so messy.

Oh, come on–how many parts ARE there?

Oh, that’s what the boy’s parents did to him?a gesture of contrition sure to be appreciated by the parents of the girl…who might otherwise file a paternity suit.

Is that how you get your jollies?

So is that a yes it’s appropriate, or a no it isn’t?

To remind you, here is the story -

I hope the OP gets my point. It’s like picking on that kid in school. You know, that kid.

Just so I’m clear: are you saying if the teenage daughter of an elder had consensual sex, she should be shunned by her family? Because if so, that’s not helping your case.

Well, the kid brought this on himself…is he to blame, or isn’t he?
What would YOU say is appropriate punishment (if any) for what he did?
And don’t blame "society. "

Why do you think the appropriate punishment for drinking and having sex is completely cutting off your child? At this point I’m thinking you honestly don’t see how psychotic that is.

Is a simple yes or no too much for you? Either you are ok with taking away a 16 year olds church and social circle and then making him homeless because he did some drinking and had sex or you aren’t.