Dougie_monty is an immoral cultist

From a thread about Jehovah’s Witnesses (because of course it is), talking about the victims of shunning and the reasons for it:

“Drinkers”? Um, what? First of all, there’s absolutely fuck-all wrong with casual alcohol use if you aren’t hurting anyone. And this person probably isn’t some alcoholic; it’s a teenager who, for all we know, got drunk one night at a party. You know, dumb teenager stuff. The kind of mistakes (although I seriously hesitate to call it that!) people make when they’re that age. And the result was a 16-year-old being shunned by their family, kicked out of their home, and living on the street.

Let me just put this into perspective for you.

You are trying to justify throwing a child out on the street and cutting off almost all of their social and familial contacts for drinking alcohol and having premarital sex.

What the fuck is wrong with you?!

And you wonder why we find you and the cult you belong to reprehensible. This wasn’t even a moral issue (save perhaps for the issue of self-harm with drugs) until the shunning started. From an ethical standpoint, this person did nothing wrong, and yet suffered greatly for it. And the “unwed mother” thing? Fuck your overbearing sexual “morality”. She was engaged, it’s not immoral or unreasonable to have children without being married or even in a relationship, and for her to be cut off from her entire family and many of her friends for that? You want to justify that by judging her as immoral? By pointing out how she did this eeeevil thing that justifies reproach? Reproach is one thing, this is ostracism in an extreme and damaging way for extremely minor offenses - or even just a lack of constant participation and engagement! “Judge not, lest thee be judged” indeed. I’m sorry, but the fact that you think the above is okay is a testament to how complete your moral failings are.

This is a bit of a low blow, but is it any wonder? You’re part of an exclusionary cult and hold opinions that many would quite reasonably consider abhorrent. Your circle of friends is basically limited to the cross-section between JWs and people who can put up with obnoxious, pedantic, thuggish, immoral douchebags. If I knew you, I’d probably stop communicating with you. Not because my religion demands it. Not because you did something minor. But because you’re in an immoral cult and hold incredibly immoral beliefs. Anyone who believes otherwise should spend a few minutes here. But it takes a special kind of asshole to look at that top example and say, “Oh, he drank at some point, therefore it’s perfectly justified to shove him out onto the street”. That asshole is you, dougie. Congratulations - step up to receive your trophy and complementary shit shower.

Not to junior mod, but without a link to the actual thread and posts, it’s a little hard to see exactly where your frothing outrage comes from.

Underage drinking and teen pregnancy are both things that while extremely common, aren’t exactly good or smart things to do for anyone, and probably deserve more reproach than we give them, although being cast out and made homeless is way, way over the top.

Two of the quote boxes have direct links to the posts.

Well, he certainly used to be:

Perhaps you could put him on Ignore.

Oh wait…


Mom!!! Dougie’s doing religion wrong!

All right, Cadet, you have expressed your outrage at me. Maybe to you I AM the most hated person in the world.
But let me make a defense, okay?

Where did I say this guy–was his drinking one isolated incident?–was or should be ostracized in any way? Please give the post number.
As for the girl who got pregnant–was she raped? If so, were the police notified? If it was consensual–and it could only be so if he were also underage ( otherwise it’s statutory rape) then her parents would certainly be wrong to ‘turn her away.’ To this extent I would agree.
As for the unfortunate sisters, one suffering from Down Syndrome, I meant what I said. And I never heard of any family, Witnesses or otherwise, segregating their children like that.

In any case, I would want to know if these examples are typical or if someone has stacked the deck.
When I was in my teen years I was not of a mind to seek out drinkers or unwed mothers and attack them in some way–and I haven’t changed my attitude since.

Now, Cadet, let’s see how much of an upstanding Boy Scout YOU are.

…except for the “attacking” part?

Color me perplexed, but it really looks like you’re denying doing something that you demonstrably did.

Oh good, another BPC pit thread. These always go swimmingly.

Don’t put words in my mouth, Andros. I don’t make any exceptions.
“Demonstrably?” Explanation, please.

It always blows my mind when I remember Prince is a Jehova’s Witness.

Demonstrably–meaning it can be demonstrated. You demonstrably claimed to have a dictionary–use it.

Michael Jackson was too, although I cannot say if he was one still when he died.

That was the family religion, though, wasn’t it? Prince only converted in 2001 or somesuch.

No idea.

Here is the immediate context of your quote.

That first bit was a response to you wondering how anyone could object to such shunning practices in the first place! If you don’t hold the position that these actions were justified, well then I’m sorry, but you need to work on communicating better! When someone asks you “Just to be clear, you don’t see anything wrong with doing this horrible thing to these people” and your response is “fuck those people!”, 999 times out of a thousand, that will be read as “no, I don’t see anything wrong with that”. You made it very clear to us that you had no problem with this person being ostracized in the post I quoted in the OP. Post 98 of that thread.

Of course, your defense of that is horrible, but it’s not quite as bad as the whole attitude here. You’ve been given countless examples of people who lost friends and family because they either lapsed in belief or did something the religious group found objectionable or even just stopped participating as actively! And the result? Well, the rules are apparently pretty clear - they aren’t to be associated with. That’s antisocial behavior. That’s *cult *behavior. And you see nothing wrong with it. It’s not about seeking these people out, mind you - it’s about being willing, on the drop of a hat, to completely abandon people who you know and love and may even be related to. I’d probably not start a relationship with someone I knew had a heroin addiction. But if my current girlfriend of almost 2 years started taking it, I would move heaven and earth to help her before I even think about abandoning her, and I wouldn’t abandon her unless the addiction started to hurt me and my life in a nasty way. You know, because I care about this person. These are not random people you choose not to associate with. These are FRIENDS AND FAMILY! That kid who got drunk and fucked the elder’s daughter? He got to watch as one childish mistake (that didn’t even hurt anybody!) led to his family completely turning their backs on him - as though he had shown up at grandpa’s funeral and skullfucked the corpse, then used its spine to strangle grandma. This is what this kind of shunning does. As if being told “you will never get to heaven” isn’t bad enough.

Will you renounce this behavior? Will you say “No, I do not stand for this”? Because when given the chance earlier, your response was basically “Ha ha, serves 'em right!”. That’s insanely dickish.

I could’ve sworn I remembered Michael Jackson having converted to Islam.

I don’t know how old dougie is, but before finding out he was a JW, my impression was that he was an isolated 12-year old. When challenged on any of his convictions, he would either answer with a poo-poo diaper joke, or avoid the question with something like “I’ll look it up in the dictionary when I get home.” He’s obviously not interested in knowledgeable discourse. He’s just enjoying the negative attention and tallying his martyr points.

You don’t know that. Maybe he gave her the HIV. I here that’s going around.

Pitting dougie is like kicking a puppy.