Dougie_monty is an immoral cultist

Did he bump into her on the street or did he have secret anal sex with her while she slept? I’ve heard that’s how you get it these days.

Dougie, what’s the appropriate punishment for threating physical harm on someone?

[Shrug] Well, I could look at this from the standpoint of the girl, or her parents, who might want to draw and quarter the kid for all I know. Somehow I sense that, although I agree that full ostracism is too severe (especially in the case of a minor), you don’t give a damn about the girl or her parents and would just as soon hope the whole matter will quietly go away.

Ask Forrest Gump and Jenny.:rolleyes:

Well, it isn’t doing yours much good…what would you do with a promiscuous teenage daughter?

Make sure she understands to use a condom and that facials are for marriage.

Ok, so you agree that it was not an appropriate response. That’s all I wanted, clarification on your earlier statements.

Actually I don’t really care about the girls parents, nor do I ‘care’ about her if she was a willing participant. (We don’t know her age from the description, but I doubt that it would be illegal) Teenagers have sex, teenagers often drink…this is not at all unusual. Each set of parents should talk to their own child and since they are minors, they may choose to say that they can’t see each other.

I’d let the motherfucker without sin throw the first stone, if I was a real Christian, is what I’d do.

to that question or to puppies?

education, discussion - open and honest - but throwing out of the house and everything she might know - not even close.

Keep in mind that the Watchtower does not discuss anything about sex and sexuality) “open and honestly” - its all hidden, etc. (this is entirely like just about ‘every’ religious group out there, but its the problem - not the solution.

Do you think throwing her out of the house is going to “stop” the promiscuity?

Now, if she’s doing tricks in the living room during bible study - and not giving the house it’s cut - yeah - pitch the bitch.

Jesus, this thread is like watching a boxing match between Paula Jones and Tonya Harding. No matter who wins, we all lose.

Facials? :confused:

Fair enough.

That’s when a fellow unloads streamers of hot, sticky semen onto a woman’s face, mouth and parts adjacent.

Those promiscuous girls love that stuff.

Hmmm…are you by chance familiar with the songs of Tom Lehrer?

I know two people that have been shunned, both women. On women was a teenager, the daughter of a church elder. She was molested, not quite raped but close, by another church elder. When she brought complaints to the other church elders she was forced out of the church.

I know another women who was shunned when her husband committed suicide. Somehow she and here two pre-teen daughters were at fault. Fucking shameful if you ask me.

Anyway, I can get behind this pitting as shunning is a fucking destructive, very un-Christian practice in my NSHO. Only one step up from honor killings.

They’re welcome to it. I can picture that. It’s gross.

Not nearly as gross as the bullshit religion you follow, and all the unnecessary human pain it causes.

Your God’s not real, so all that pain is simply for nothing.

And a happy Halloween to you. :stuck_out_tongue:

What is NSHO?