Download my Mafia thriller, FIGHT, for Kindle!

I recently published my first novel, **FIGHT**, in Amazon’s Kindle Store, and I want to give my fellow Dopers a chance to check it out. Here’s a blurb:

***FIGHT ***has been called “gripping,” and “wonderful!” Rob M. Slaven, an Amazon Top 1,000 Reviewer, says that ***FIGHT*is one of the best crime dramas that he’s ever read. FIGHT has been featured on **several blogs, and will soon be featured on The Fussy Librarian. (The Fussy Librarian demands that all books promoted on its site have a minimum of 10 reviews with a 4/5 star average. My novel features 11 reviews on Amazon, with 10 5-star reviews, and 1 4-star review).

In short, if you’re into emotional crime drama with plenty of suspense, don’t miss out on ***FIGHT***! Click on the links and preview the first chapter.

Congratulations on writing and getting a book published. I know you probably put your heart and soul into it. Good job and good luck!

Thanks for the encouragment! As a new author, I appreciate it.

Congrats! Downloaded today! :slight_smile:

Hey, thanks for taking a chance on a first-time author! I hope you enjoy FIGHT.

3 bucks to help a fellow Doper? Done deal!

Its not really my favorite genre, but the writing is good.

Good luck to you!

I’m probably sounding repetitive by thanking everyone who supports me, but to a starving artist (and a college student!) $3 is a whole fucking $3!!! (In case you’re curious, Amazon gets $0.95 and I get $2.04) If the stick of deodorant that I buy with your money gets me laid, then I’ll forever be indebted to you. XD

So thanks!

Just picked up another positive review! Roger F. Shepherd, an Amazon customer who has written over 70 product reviews, says:

If you enjoy crime dramas, thrillers, and mysteries, then I have just what you’re looking for! Preview the first chapter of FIGHT for free at Amazon!

I’m so cracking up now. My husband just bought a copy and hopes that his 2 bucks will get you laid.

Lest anyone think I was damning the book by faint praise…the writing is great. The story line is interesting.

Its just not my favorite genre. There aren’t any aliens dropping bombs and there aren’t any dragons or telepathic cats. There wasn’t a single Lovecraft reference.

Fight is a good read and well worth the money.

Someday you will be on a book tour to promote your latest book and I will stand in line for hours to ask you to sign my Kindle.

Please send him my thanks.